Be a Part of the International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness is March 20, 2018. The purpose of the Global holiday is to reclaim and spread happiness. The International Day of Happiness pledge is: “I will try to create more happiness in the world around me”. Take part in the movement and help create a happier world by focusing on relationships and

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Maximize Visibility at Book Fairs and Conventions

Do you know how to work a book fair and get exposure for your book and your author profile? As an author, how do you take advantage of book fairs and conventions? Do you walk the show, meeting industry contacts? Do you sign your book and greet fans? Should you look for media opportunities? Do you need

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How to Launch a Successful Online Book Giveaway

The Key Steps to Launch a Successful Online Book Giveaway   Online giveaways are an extremely effective way to promote your book and gain brand awareness. They can be launched at a relatively low-cost and take minimal effort to manage if they are planned carefully. Here are some proven methods that will help you launch a

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What Do You Read to Lead?

What Do You Read to Lead? Desireé Duffy This article first appeared on Richard Branson recently released his book, Finding My Virginity, and encourages others to Read to Lead in his recent blog post. I think this is a great idea — we should all make our list of Read to Lead book recommendations. His pick,

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Book Awards to Enter in 2018

Why Book Awards Matter to Authors To enter your book, or not to enter your book? A lot of authors struggle with this question. There are so many awards out there, and submitting to every one is not practical. Likewise, authors often wonder if it is worth the time, energy, and even money, as many

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When Creatives Need to Become Business People

Article first appeared on  We all heard that creative people use the right side of their brain, and analytical thinkers use the left. This theory is pseudoscience, by the way. There is no scientific backing for it, yet people allow themselves to be placed under a label. I say, break away from silly labels

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4 Tips for Getting Book Reviews

How to Get the Most Trusted Type of Promotion—the Elusive Book Review Do you know that most people say that an authentic product review is the most-trusted type of promotion? It influences their purchasing decision far more than paid advertising. Because reviews are from a third party and perceived as non-biased, people will read reviews

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Your List of Writers’ Conferences and Book Events in 2023

Are you looking for a list of writers’ conferences and book events for 2023 and beyond? Your friends at Black Château created this list to help authors, readers and publishing professionals plan their year. Event planning is a process, so don’t be surprised if some of the events don’t have all the programming or details

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Black Chateau Top Branding Agency

Black Château Listed as Top Branding Agency by Design Rush

Black Château is listed as a the top branding agency by DesignRush. An online marketplace which is dedicated to helping businesses find and evaluate firms to hire for their online marketing and promotional needs, DesignRush is known as a name to trust. Every year DesignRush selects the top agencies to feature in its branding list

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Three, Two, One…BOOK LAUNCH!

A two-hour workshop to help authors plan their book’s launch. Authors often struggle with the nuances of planning a book launch. If you wonder what the best strategy is, you are not alone. Indie authors and those who are with traditional or hybrid publishers all have questions about best practices. It can be confusing and

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