Is Artificial Intelligence a Writer’s Friend or Foe?: An Excerpt From The RV Magazine

Until the beginning of 2023, authors and creative minds consistently held the belief that machine learning and creativity were incompatible. The conviction remained that as long as one infused their writing with genuine human emotion and passion, their uniquely crafted and eloquent words would always remain uniquely human. 

During a presentation at The Relatable Voice Book Festival, I had the opportunity to explore this subject. Plus, in the December 2023 issue of The Relatable Voice Magazine, I shared deeper insights. Here is an excerpt with some points to ponder as we enter the next phase of Artificial Intelligence in 2024: 

The Reader-Writer Contract  

At the core, I believe that readers and writers have an unspoken agreement: the Reader-Writer Contract. Readers expect writers to deliver an authentic story. Readers want nothing more than to crawl into the narrator’s skin, see the world through their eyes, face dilemmas and challenges that explore the human condition. That is why we read.   

Sure, AI can be a handy tool, just like Google. But lean too hard on it, and you’re not only breaking the Reader-Writer Contract, but you’re also wading into a mess of ethical and legal quicksand. Let’s remember: humans have always used tools, but we don’t let a hammer do the talking for us. Use AI, but don’t let it use you. 

Using Artificial Intelligence as a Tool  

While maintaining the Reader-Writer Contract, writers can indeed use AI to assist in their writing. As mentioned, AI is a tool. As such, it can help make huge leaps in the writing process. It can save writers time, create shortcuts, and help with our very human writing weaknesses.   

Readers, how often have you wished your favorite author would release their next book sooner? How wonderful would it be if you could dive into the next book in a series right away? Will you embrace AI assisted writing? 

What Does the Future Hold?  

As the world of AI progresses, and I don’t foresee it slowing down, the use of AI in writing and other creative aspects of our world will become even more prevalent. There are some big leaps in technology happening right now. And like a reluctant hero answering the call to adventure, we have passed the point of no return. There is no going back, in my opinion. Regulations, laws, industry standards may indeed evolve to address technology, but this technology is already integrated in our world, and we can’t unscramble this egg. 

The bright side? I believe that AI will help writers find more time to be creative, and to do the pleasurable and “human” aspects of writing. The concept of a book entirely written by a human, or merely AI-assisted, will make such writing more valuable.   

Would you like to find out some ways Artificial Intelligence becomes your frenemy? Would you like to read more? Be sure to grab your copy of The Relatable Voice Magazine for this article and more content for writers and the literary community. 

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