Dave Duffy Director of Publicity & Promotions


Head of Operations & Candlestick Maker

Dave Duffy skillfully masters the intersection between technology and operations. He is a data expert who puts the numbers behind the strategies and promotions of the company.

Dave’s background includes entertainment, retail, and digital cinema. A skilled website designer and developer, he is also talented at audio/video production, photography, editing, graphic art, and digital media. Dave also has mad candle-making skills. As in, you haven’t experienced real candles until you’ve experienced a candle by Dave; just ask him.

Dave has professional experience working for entertainment and videogame companies like Cinedigm and GameRush. His volunteer work with the Alliance for Women in Media, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the advancement of professionals in television, radio, media, and all related fields, involved the creation of award-winning websites, print design, and event video and photography.

Education includes finance, networking solutions, and organizational design. Dave is skilled in HTML, HTML 5, CSS, C++, Javascript, PHP, WordPress, Adobe CC, and Microsoft Systems.

“Taking an author from the first steps in building their platform, editing and developing their book, all the way through a their book launch to become a bestselling author, is the most rewarding part of being a part of the Black Château team.” – Dave Duffy