Book Trailers, Audio Books and Podcasting

Book Trailers, Audio Book Production and Podcasting Consulting

Would you like a professionally-made book trailer to promote your title? Perhaps you are interested in turning your book into an audio book, and maybe even voicing it yourself. Or, if you are seeking help launching a podcast or show, we can support you.

We have team members who have worked in the TV, film, radio and podcast industries. From distribution, to production, to producing and hosting, our experts are here to help. 

Audio and Video Recording

Whether you are recording the audio for your book, or for your podcast, we can provide valuable consulting to help you make the right choices for your needs. Video assistance is also available and help with virtual events. 

Video Editing and Production for Book Trailers and Promotional Videos

Do you need help creating a book trailer or promotional video? We can create a storyboard or outline to help you realize your vision. Video production can range from using stock footage to your own assets to doing live shoots. 

Distribution Platforms for Podcasts

Is Libsyn right for you? How do you navigate the various podcast options to make sure you have the largest potential distribution? We can guide you and share our expertise in distributing your show on Libsyn, iTunes and YouTube.

Video camera production from Black Chateau