Nikki Scott



Social Media Maven and Honorary Gilmore Girl

Nicole “Nikki” Scott is an ex-pat Canadian living in Sweden. She has a degree in Fashion Design (Toronto Film School) and Art History/Communications. (McGill). Her biggest passions are content creation, social media, and art.

One of her most significant achievements was working with the When We All Vote organization. It is an organization that urges Americans to vote. One of her ideas/strategies was to use Drag Queens for this campaign. Aquaria (a RuPaul Dragrace winner/influencer) was featured in the official “When We All Vote’s” Instagram.

At Black Château, Nikki helps coordinate content and assists in project management, social media, and various creative projects, including copywriting, influencer relations, email marketing, and delivering C-level reports and analysis. She also helps coordinate online events for the bookish community.

You can find Nikki watching the latest cat video, reading a romance book, and rewatching Gilmore Girls for the 100th time.