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Break Through the Noise to Reach Your Audience with Black Château Advertising and Marketing Services

Is an Integrated Advertising Campaign What You Need to Propel Your Book?

Does your book have what it takes to become a bestseller? After an evaluation and approval of your manuscript and book cover, we can advertise your book. Integrated with other services, the campaign runs according to a strategic calendar, based on your book’s genre, pricing strategy, and target market.

Our advertising experts oversee the campaigns and adjust bidding, copy, and the creative  to produce the best results. The price, timing, and metadata are crucial for this premium strategy. An Advertising Campaign is frequently done in conjunction with Self-Publishing Support and the Author Network.

Book Advertising Campaigns run on various platforms including: email and display marketing through Books That Make You, Google Advertising/PPC, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub or other book-related third-party sites. The advertising mix typically includes:

  • Email Marketing—We use our consumer email lists of booklovers, as well as those of participating partners, to create an email marketing campaign to promote the sale of your book
  • Remarketing—Remarketing strategies designed to pull visitors back to your book
  • Native Promotions—Articles promoted through native channels on up to 1300 news and lifestyle websites
  • Facebook and Social Media—Facebook and various social media platforms
  • PPC and Display Advertising—Google Ad Networks, Amazon, Goodreads and others
  • Third Party Partner Promotions—BookBub, Fussy Librarian and other bookish platforms

Custom Advertising Campaign for Your Integrated Book Marketing Strategies

Black Château offers Custom Advertising Campaigns that are integrated with other marketing and public relations services, and based on your goals.  Advertising boosts are typically added into a custom retainer. Pricing options vary, ask for more details

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