Is the Black Château Mix of Traditional PR and Digital Marketing Right You?

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Black Château is a full-service agency with a flair for digital marketing. We focus on helping authors and creative individuals like yourself get the exposure you deserve. The market is saturated with books, all clamoring for readers. Black Chateau uses proven digital marketing strategies as well as traditional approaches to elevate authors like you to rise above the noise.

Our goal is to use innovative, flexible, and effective strategies to give talented, passionate individuals the publicity they deserve.

We have successfully promoted authors of fiction and non-fiction. Our strategies work for most types of books. We also help personality brands and other industries excel. Curious to see if we’re a fit? Just ask to see if we’re a match.

We specialize in integrated marketing. This means we leverage all the essential aspects of your brand across various platforms. We don’t treat aspect of your strategy independently because we know, to be effective, all aspects of your brand should work together.

Black Château Digital Marketing includes:

We also offer consultation services on all of the above.

Black Château offers retainer pricing. Many of our clients opt for the Author Network, and add on other services depending on their needs. Based on your goals and budget, Black Château can create a couture digital marketing strategy designed for you.

Yes! Our approach promotes both the author and their work, no matter if it is one book or a collection. We actually have some excellent strategies for promoting book series. Readers love binge-reading, and we help them do just that.

Yes, definitely. Whether you have ebooks, or hard copies, or both, we can market them. We can advise you on the best strategy. Nowadays with print on demand, it is easier than ever to have a digital and physical book to sell.

Yes, you can use our online marketing services to expand your reach to readers. Our marketing approach will drive online traffic to your book on Amazon, your author website, or other platforms. We can even help with promotional strategies for Kindle and ebook marketing.

We understand your dilemma. Ideally, the Author Network is the foundation for your online marketing. Based on what stage you are in promoting your book, we can create a package to accommodate your unique needs. Our advice is to add services that will complement your Author Network campaign.

Unlike traditional book marketing and publishing, we take a custom approach that’s relevant to each author and their books. 

As a general rule, you want to start building up your online brand at least six months before your book is published. Your website, social media, ARCs of your book with reviews, and pre-launch buzz helps when the book officially hits the market.

Your actual book launch promotion, which is what the Author Network is all about, is optimal at least three months prior to the book’s release date.

Your individual strategy depends on factors like the type of book, your unique goals, market conditions, trends, and the time of year. Don’t feel overwhelmed; we can help you develop your plan.

Yes, you can. Black Château can complement the marketing your publisher is doing. Since our online strategies are different from traditional book publicity, there is little risk of our methods conflicting. We are happy to coordinate efforts with your current publisher or publicist to leverage all strategies to promote your work.

Yes, most certainly, you can. Unlike traditional book publicists and publishers, we believe that previously published work has a great potential to be marketed online. We love the challenge of finding new ways to promote backlist books and can revitalize interest in your title, especially if you have a new book coming out.

That doesn’t mean you should call us right after your book is released. The best time to start is before your book is launched as there are many pre-launch strategies that should happen for a successful book launch.

Black Château provides you with a monthly report showing you the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are crucial to measuring your online marketing and public relations success.

We integrate the best practices of digital marketing into your book marketing strategy in ways that traditional publishers and book publicists don’t. Simply stated, we are disruptors in the world of online marketing for books. SEO, content marketing, social media, and more all play into the mix.

You caught us on this one. We are not a publisher, but we do provide Self-Publishing Support and can guide you on your self-publishing journey.

Yes, although these aren’t marketing services, we have the resources you need to develop your story and successfully publish your book. We believe that the most important factor in your success as an author is delivering a fantastic book to your readers.

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