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Identifying Your Genre

Break these Genre Rules at Your Own Risk How important is identifying your genre? Authors who are ambiguous in identifying their genre, or don’t do it correctly, can run into problems when pitching their manuscript to an agent or publisher. We’re here to nip that in the bud and keep you from breaking genre rules.

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Black Château in the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles

Black Château is listed among the top 20 digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles: DesignRush Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies for 2021. The list is curated by DesignRush, which is an online marketplace that helps people find and compare the most qualified professionals and agencies from marketing, branding, website design, and app development services. After

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5 Reasons to Read Other Books in Your Genre

When you’re excited about a brand new idea, it’s tempting to start writing immediately and get absorbed in your manuscript without pausing for days on end. Of course, that’s not a bad thing, but it’s important to reflect on what you’re doing, where that fits in the current literary scene, and what you want to

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Ideal Customer Profiles for Books, Branding and Beyond you are creating your ideal customer profile for your book or for another type of brand, the philosophies are strikingly similar. Just like you wouldn’t target everyone for your new brand of kicks, your book is going to have a distinct reader. Therefore, companies dedicated to creative industries should get into the process of

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