Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for Black Chateau Enterprises. Because your privacy and trust are important to us, we created this policy to serve as our communication to you regarding our policy about the collection and use any of your information which may be captured while you use the Black Chateau website.

The server the website is on can recognize various information about you and the browsing habits you have. This doesn’t mean we can see or are able to collect personal information. It does mean that data might be collected using browser cookies. For your information, cookies are little pieces of code that track and monitor the websites you visit. Sometimes they monitor the products you purchase and save information for a certain period of time.

This website uses the software MouseFlow which is a web analytics type of service that can record mouse clicks and movements of your mouse. It might capture your scrolling activity and what you click. This activity is captured so we can better understand the user experience of this website.

Also, third party ad servers or advertising networks may utilize cookies to track your activity while navigating this site. These various third party services measure the effectiveness and KPIs of advertising campaigns. You can look at the privacy policy of third party advertiser for more details and  information. The  Black Chateau Enterprises website does not control their cookies.

Your email address might be made available to reputable business partners and parties that your various browsing behavior and activity indicate might be of interest to you. As a rule, we do not sell your information to anyone.

If you would like to removed from the database we use and would not like your email address to be shared with our partners, please feel free to let us know with the email address we have listed below.

You may frequently find links to other third party websites on this site. Black Chateau Enterprises is not in any way responsible for that content and the privacy policy of these third party sites.

Please take note that this privacy policy may be adjusted and altered in the future at our sole discretion.

In case you have questions or would like to discuss this privacy policy in more detail, please contact us at