About Black Chateau

About Us

Black Château is an award-winning marketing and public relations firm. The company specializes in promoting authors, books, small press, personality brands, and creative individuals from around the world with a full-spectrum of services. A virtual company, office locations are in Southern California, Oklahoma, and everywhere our team roams. The company’s motto is: We believe in storytellers.

Black Château’s sister company, Books That Make You, is a multi-media brand that promotes books through its website, social media, and award-winning radio show/podcast.

The BookFest® is also an extension of Black Château. Created in early 2020, the online bookish adventure features panels, conversations, and an array of activities for booklovers, authors and the writing community.

Black Château, Books That Make You, and The BookFest were founded by Desireé Duffy. The three provide promotional opportunities for authors and the writing community in an ever-evolving world.

For media queries, please reach out to us here. If you are interested in talking to us about acquiring our services for marketing and public relations, then click here and let’s talk.