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Can You Resist These Books?

Mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, adventure, empowerment: which type of book intrigues you the most? Read these tantalizing book excerpts and see if you simply must read more, or if you’re able to resist the allure. You be the judge, you might be surprised at which book piques your interest.


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Baker’s Dozen: A Lexi Fagan Mystery

Lexi is newly arrived in San Francisco and lands a job working at McCracken’s Bakery. When her lover, firefighter Jerry Stevens, turns up dead in a devastating hotel fire, Lexi has no time to mourn. Homicide detective Robert Reiger discovers jerry’s death was no accident. Caught up in the investigation, Lexi uncovers a shocking secret that might get her killed.








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XX v XY: The Final World War

The Final world war won’t be fought with machines – it will be fought with people. And when the women of West America wage war with men in the East, it’ll be anything but unimaginative.

In East America the most fertile women go through excruciating body and mind-altering training until their identities satisfy that of the State. They are the “Nancy’s”- white hair, light eyes, and no way to differentiate themselves from their identical “sisters”. Nancy159 is fifteen. She’s auditioning to be the seventh wife of President X, the ruler of the Eastern States. If she wins, she’ll be married to the most powerful man in the world; if she loses she’ll die.

Avis Baron is the daughter of the Luminary of West America. Recently, she stopped taking her Amplexus pill, taken by all women in W.A. to control their emotions. It turns out there’s a lot she didn’t know a person could feel – especially the way shes feeling about her friend Ethan.

What is the source of a woman’s power? Does it come from fertility, like the Nancy’s suggest? Does it come from brute strength and cold calculation, like the West believes? Or could it just be the simple beat of your own heartsong?

The world continues to collapse and the final world war looms on the horizon…XX v XY.


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Mostly Human: A 4Pollack Novel

Mars. The small red rock that started with the dreams of astronomers and sci-fi writers. It became a place for broken dreams, the desire peddlers, criminals and those who were labeled as criminals.

4Pollack, Four to his friends, is a cloned detective who just lost his partner when an old flame shows up. This femme fatale drags Four into a dangerous game of deceit, mayhem and murder.







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Gates of Midnight: Warrior of the Gate

When Raven Moon returns home from her tour as a combat medic in Afghanistan, she’s hoping to put her life back together. Suffering from PTSD, she is haunted by dreams of her fiancé dying in her arms. Only her father, Eddy Moon, seems to be able to make her feel safe. But then he is taken from her as well.

Raven starts her own investigation into Eddy’s death when the official police report doesn’t ring true. As Eddy’s secrets unravel, Raven discovers that there are monsters in New York beyond the human ones in which she is well acquainted. Her anger and her thirst for revenge push her to search for the creature that killed her father. She doesn’t stop to think about what happens if it finds her first.

Gates of Midnight is a supernatural thriller that explores just who are the monsters, the creatures coming through the gate each new moon or us, the human race.



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Next Therapist Please

Blessed with anxiety, depression, and OCD, Janie Weiss has seen her fair share of therapists throughout her life. So many, she doesn’t even refer to them by name, only by number. Some have helped her, some have not. But she has learned from all of them.

Years after her last therapist, #6 to be exact, Janie finds herself widowed and navigating a new life filled with old and new anxieties. She loves expressing herself through her art, but she’s wondering if she’s ready to move on in her personal life.

From Janie’s cottage on Balboa Island to the Doc’s home in Palm Springs, follow along on her quest for health and happiness as she recalls each therapist that came into her life. Grab a cocktail, make a toast, and enter Janie’s world in this humorous, heartwarming novel.



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Fenir Chronicles: The Prince

“I know we will find him.

I know we will bring him home.

I know this because if we do not,

I will set fire to this entire realm.”

In the realm of Fenrir, the royal family reigns with peace and justice. Science and reason are the driving forces behind every diplomatic decision. Religion is not allowed within the political arena.

Most people respect that decree.

The radically religious group known as the Staxeons do not.

Price Callum is diplomatic. That is until Staxeons kidnap the man he loves. Then he will do anything required to make sure he is returned safely.

This includes seeking the help of the enemy.

The world knows what Fenrir’s prince is capable of.

The Staxeons are about to learn firsthand.

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Matt Miller in the Colonies Book One: Journeyman

American scientist Matt Miller is torn from his own century and dropped into Colonial America with nothing except a backpack. He must meet the challenge to survive in a newly forming society where he seemingly has no relevant skills and no one he can count on.

Matt suspects that his twenty-first century knowledge of science and technology should make him a king in the colonies, but he quickly finds that the eighteenth-century America is a dynamic place where nothing is guaranteed. The challenge to prosper, succeed, and to win the hand of a beautiful Virginia farm girl is like nothing he has faced.







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How to Negotiate from a Position of Strength

It all started with the new publication by Raye Mitchell, Esq. entitled, When They Go Low, We Go High, How Women of Color Master the Art of Persuasion to Win Big Battles. The book and the series is derived from years of research, experience and lessons learned along the way from leaders like Michelle Obama and a host of high profile influencers. Join Raye as she shares a few lesson learned from veteran fighters and advocates for change and disruption of the status quo.

Focused on assisting women in general, and young black women and girls in particular, this book, the book series, and companion courses help them beat the odds by deploying outside the box thinking, strategies, and forward moving action plans.




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The Engine Woman’s Light

Spirits watch over Juanita. But who is she? A mystic in love who holds life sacred? Or a ghost-possessed railroad saboteur?

A mystical vision of an airship appears to fifteen-year-old Juanita. The long-dead captain commands her to prevent California’s thrown-away people – including young children – from boarding trains to an asylum. That institution’s director plots murder to reduce the inmate population. Yet, to save innocent lives, Juanita must take lives of the corrupt. How can she reconcile her assignment with her belief in the sacredness of all human life? And will she survive to marry her betrothed?

Janita sets out despite inner trepidation to sabotage the railroad. Her ancestor Billy, the ghost of a steam locomotive engineer, guides her. Then, bit by bit, she discovers the gut-wrenching truths all her ancestors neglected to reveal.

Come visit Juanita’s world – an alternate nineteenth century California – where spirits meet steampunk, where both love and anger emanate from beyond the grave.

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Ivory Ghosts

Adapted from Catlin O’Connell’s novel, Ivory Ghosts is the first in this comic series. It is a thriller brimming with majestic wildlife, village politics, and international intrigue. In it, a chilling quadruple homicide raises the stakes in the battle to save Africa’s elephants.

Dr. Caitlin O’Connell is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine and a world renowned expert on elephants and vibrotactile sensitivity. She brings a real-world issue to light in tackling the illegal ivory trade.

Published by Debbie Lynn Smith and Kymera Press. Kymera press is renowned as a publisher that supports women creators and artists to create women-friendly comics, for women who are fans of comics.

Writer : Caitlin O’Connell
Pencils and cover art: Débora Caritá
Inks : Laurie Foster
Colors : Liezl Buenaventura
Letters : Saida Temofonte

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