Meet The BookFest® Bellwethers and Get Ready for the Fall 2023 Free-to-Attend Livestream Event

The BookFest Fall 2023

The BookFest Fall 2023 draws readers, writers, and the literary community together October 21st and 22nd 2023 for its 8th biannual virtual event.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA – The BookFest® returns for its 8th biannual virtual event with the support of The BookFest Bellwethers. This cadre of elite BookFesters are part advisory panel, part patrons, and part influencers who help shape The BookFest through their literary expertise and background. The BookFest Bellwethers also assist in judging The BookFest Awards. This season’s winners will be announced during The BookFest, which takes place Saturday and Sunday, October 21st and 22nd, 2023..

The BookFest Bellwethers include:

Cody Blocker, Ghost Writing Summit

Brian Bosch, Black Château Enterprises and Invouq

Dave Duffy, Black Château Enterprises

Desireé Duffy, Black Château Enterprises

Beth Freely, The Muses Funhouse

Hannah Jacobson, Book Award Pro

Deborah Kobylt, Deborah Kobylt Live

CJ Ives Lopez, The Authors Porch

KJ Matthews, Journalist and Contributor BBC

Lucia Matuonto, Relatable Media

Chelsea McKenna, Author and Editor

Mickey Mikkelson, Creative Edge Media

donalee Moulton, Author and Journalist

Stephanie Rabell, Book and Wine Lovers Marketing

Parchelle Tashi, The Authors Leverage

Flo Selfman, Words à la Mode

Bree Swider, Books That Make You

Amy Wolf, Author

The BookFest Bellwethers can be found on The BookFest website and participating in The BookFest Adventure as speakers, moderators, and authors.

Desireé Duffy, founder of Black Château Enterprises, the firm responsible for creating The BookFest, explains, “The BookFest  Bellwethers are denoted with a bookish blue checkmark to highlight their outstanding contribution to the success of The BookFest. I thank them for their dedication and support not only to The BookFest, but to the literary world at large. We’re in this together, and The BookFest Bellwethers exemplify that camaraderie.”

Once again, The BookFest promises to be a driving force in vital conversations and experiences for the writing and reading communities. Day One features programming for readers, while Day Two is designed for writers. Panel Discussions, Conversations, Special Segments and Live Author Chats stream online during the always free-to-attend two-day event. To become a BookFester and receive email alerts delivered to one’s inbox, sign-up on The BookFest website.

The BookFest Bellwethers: Beth Freely, Bree Swider, Brian Bosch, C.D. McKenna, CJ Ives Lopez, Cody Blocker

The BookFest Bellwethers: K.J. Matthews, Stephanie Rabell, Parchelle Tashi, Mickey Mikkelson, Lucia Matuonto, Dave Duffy

The BookFest Bellwethers: Amy Wolf, Deborah Kobylt, Desireé Duffy, donalee Moulton, Flo Selfman, Hannah Jacobson

Submissions for The BookFest Awards are open until September 4th, 2023. To submit and for more details, visit The BookFest Awards Page.

The full schedule will be posted on The BookFest Website. Visitors can find the livestream linked on the home page the day of the event. It will also stream on the Books That Make You channel on YouTube and The BookFest Facebook Page. Hashtags #TheBookFest and #TheBookFestFall2023 will spread the word across social media.

The BookFest is produced by Black Château Enterprises and presented in part by Books That Make You.

The BookFest is the leader in virtual literary events and produces vital conversations on the world’s stage for those who love to read, and those who love to write. It launched May 2020 during lockdown as many live events were forced to be cancelled. Free to attend, the biannual event happens in the spring and fall, streaming panel discussions, conversations, and live interactive sessions. As an award winner, The BookFest was recognized with by the Webby Awards with a nomination in 2021, a gold award from the Muse Creative Awards in 2020, and a silver award from the w3 Awards in 2020. The BookFest features an array of literary speakers, experts, and authors, which has included: Mitch Albom; Kevin J. Anderson; Angela Bole; Mark Coker; Robert G. Diforio; Cheryl Willis Hudson; Wade Hudson; Sarah Kendzior; Jonathan Maberry; Lisa Morton; Karla Olson; James Rollins; Connie Schultz; Michael Shermer; Mark K. Shriver; Danny Trejo; Helene Wecker; Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, and many others. The BookFest is presented by Books That Make You and produced by Black Château Enterprises. The BookFest is a registered trademark of Desireé Duffy, who is the founder of all three. For more information, visit The

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