Author Jonathan N. Pruitt Turns Fantasy Tropes on Their Heads in “The Amber Menhir”

The Amber Menhir Book Cover

Dive into a world of enchantment, satire, diverse characters, and a race of giant, evil cats in Book One of “The Shadows of the Monolith” series.

Wesley Chapel, Florida–Avoiding the usual expectations of Fantasy by way of satire, humor, and a race of nefarious evil cats, the first in Jonathan Pruitt’s The Shadows of the Monolith series, “The Amber Menhir” arrives this October from Spinner Loom Press.

Having earned the title of the world’s most infamous spider biologist, Pruitt has penned a grimdark fantasy lampooning the academic and scientific communities, while also offering an immersive, diverse, and fast-paced story.  

“I can be far more honest in fiction than I could have ever contemplated in nonfiction,” Pruitt says.

What exactly is a Menhir? “Found across the globe, Menhirs are mysterious, ancient, imposing monoliths that prove evidence of a civilization’s existence. They’re often the subject of superstition, just like the magical institutions that make up this world. Whether they stand as pinnacles of grandeur and discovery, or blemishes of political pestilence will be up to the reader,” explains Pruitt.  

Readers visit a modern-day, grimdark fairy tale where reality bends and twists, with plenty of humor and profound insights. In writing, “The Amber Menhir”, Pruitt drew upon his many life experiences—from traversing the rugged landscapes of South Africa and Namibia, to savoring the enchantment of Australia and Canada.

Jonathan N. Pruitt’s metamorphosis from a prodigious scientific mind into a fantasy author is a testament to reinvention as he proves in “The Amber Menhir—The Shadows of the Monolith: Book One,” available now as an advance reading copy on NetGalley and for pre-order on Amazon.

Hardback – ISBN 979-8-9886611-5-3

Price: $35.99

Paperback – ISBN 979-8-9886611-0-8

Price: $18.99

Jonathan N. Pruitt is a lifelong educator, a former scientific researcher, and a provocative fantasy author. Rising from humble beginnings in a rural, economically disadvantaged county in Florida, he skyrocketed to academic success, earning a PhD at the youthful age of 24. Pruitt’s journey took him from the concert halls as a child prodigy pianist to the globally recognized halls of esteemed universities including the University of Pittsburgh, PrincetonUniversity, and the University of California, Santa Barbara. With his debut novel “The Amber Menhir,” Pruitt deliversbiting humor, deep human insights, and a unique scientist’s perspective. His life experiences—from living in diverse corners of the world like South Africa, Namibia, Australia, and Canada, to navigating the wild landscape of his career—richly inform his narratives. Pruitt’s storytelling defies reality yet resonates with emotional truth. He makes readers question the differences between good and evil, and the murky area between the two. To learn more about Jonathan N. Pruitt’s journey and his venture into the realm of fantasy literature, visit his website. 

Author Jonathan R. Pruitt

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