The Beach-Bound Book Bash Returns for its 8th Annual Online Literary Tea

Authors will chat about books and read from their works during the annual online literary tea, presented by Books That Make You and Black Château Enterprises.


Los Angeles, CA — The Annual Beach-Bound Book Bash returns for its 8th annual event on June 8, 2024, bringing readers and writers together for a fun virtual tea and literary celebration. The event takes place from 2:00pm to 4:00pm Pacific Time and is available to watch on the Books That Make You YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. Open to all, The Beach-Bound Book Bash free event hosts games and offers prizes in its Facebook Group.

Presented by, Books That Make You and Black Château Enterprises, the Beach-Bound Book Bash spotlights authors of different genres as they discuss and read excerpts from their works, sharing recipes, and inspiring readers to curate their summer reading lists.

“Books have a remarkable ability to unite a vast spectrum of readers. We love bringing authors and readers together,” says Desireé Duffy, Founder of Black Château Enterprises and Books That Make You. 

Jennifer Anne Gordon will host this year’s Beach-Bound Book Bash. She’s worn many hats as an actress, artist, dancer, host, magician’s assistant, writer, and muse.  

Here’s a taste of what this year’s Book Bound Beach Bash will include: 

Samantha Atzeni, author of the pocket-sized book, “W(h)ine & Cheese,” will share tips for surviving any summer party as an introvert while managing necessary social interactions.  

Ann Charles, a USA Today Bestselling Author, will discuss setting an impactful tone for your book in the introduction. She’ll demonstrate several examples from her published works. 

Dr. Paul D. Corona, M.D. will read a passage from his book “The Corona Protocol” and share tips from his breakthrough mental health treatment utilizing an innovative, holistic approach. 
Becca Fox, author of The BookFest Award-winning series “Chosen by the Masters,” will read from one of her lesser-known works, “The Andromeda’s Ghost,” and geek out about “Firefly.”  

Dr. Katherine Hayes, author of “A Fifth of the Story,” will share some of her worst fears and invite others to live courageously by adding their own to the list of worries. 

Rebecca Hendricks, author of the “Hound Dogged” series will discuss the history of 1950s rock n’ roll with some humor—with maybe even a live performance thrown in.  

Steven Joseph, author of “A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness” and its recent follow up, “Cranky Superpowers,” will explain how crankiness may actually be your true superpower. 

Roger Leslie will read from his newly released LGBTQ+ young adult novel, “No Stranger Christmas,” and empower listeners to follow their own unique spiritual path.  

Kelly Anne Manuel, author of over 30 children’s books, will read from the contagiously optimistic “My Name Is Wing” and discuss the importance of childhood wonder as an adult. 

Scott Ryan will discuss his new book, “The Last Decade of Cinema,” and reminisce about seeing his favorite summer movies of the ‘90s in theaters. 

Readers can enter the Beach-Bound Book Bash Giveaway, which features a big bundle of books perfect for a beach bag, and a beach read. People can enter to win on the Books That Make You Website. The winner is announced at the end of the event. 

To take part in the Beach-Bound Book Bash, get updates, and connect with other passionate readers, join the Beach-Bound Book Bash Facebook Group. The Beach-Bound Book Bash 2024 will be streamed live on the Books That Make You Facebook Page and the Books That Make You YouTube Channel, and can be joined from anywhere in the world. Use hashtags #BBBB and #BBBB2024. 

About Black Château Enterprises and Books That Make You: 

Black Château is an award-winning marketing and public relations agency located in Southern California. It specializes in promoting authors, books, small presses, personality brands, and creative individuals from around the world with a full spectrum of services. The company’s motto is: We believe in storytellers. Black Château’s sister company, Books That Make You, is a Webby Award-winning multi-media brand that promotes books through its website, radio show/podcast, and social media channels. For more, visit Black Château and Books That Make You. 


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