The Ghost in Her, the First Book in the Highly-Anticipated Ungilded Series by Anika Savoy, Releases January 3, 2023

The Ghost in Her, the First Book in the Highly-Anticipated Ungilded Series by Anika Savoy, Releases January 3, 2023

Introducing a genre-bending paranormal historical romance series that explores themes of class disparity and feminism against the backdrop of New York’s Bowery in the late 1800s.


New Hartford, CT – The first book in the highly-anticipated Unguilded Series, The Ghost in Her, releases January 3rd, 2023 from Inkspell Publishing. Author Anika Savoy delivers a paranormal historical romance book that revolves around themes of class disparity and feminism. Elements of the supernatural, Gothic horror, and mystery make the book a genre-bender that promises to entice fans of Harper Lin’s Southern Sleuth Series or Christina Skye’s Draycott Abbey Series.

The Ghost in Her introduces readers to Maggie O’Connor, who comes from a long line of Irish female seers. She doesn’t want to see ghosts, but there is nothing she can do to stop them from following her around New York City in the late 1800s. When her sister’s baby is kidnapped, she and her employer’s handsome son race to rescue the child. First, however, Maggie must escape from the madhouse she’s sentenced to on Blackwell Island. Will the ghosts help her win in a battle where the obstacles seem insurmountable?

Mike Robinson, award-winning author of The Enigma of Twilight Falls Trilogy, says, “The first book of Anika Savoy’s Ungilded Series, The Ghost in Her, is a dark, immersive fairy tale, dusted with Gothic whimsy. It is a story for the romantic and the history buff, a rich page-turner that forces us to consider the ongoing social ills that, to this day, continue to haunt us.”

Savoy is an avid explorer and researcher. She spent time on Blackwell Island (known as Roosevelt Island today) investigating the location of the former asylum, as well as researching the Bowery of New York, and exploring her own family’s history for inspiration.

Savoy says, “I’ve always had an interest in the supernatural. While I’m a healthy skeptic, I can’t deny the real otherworldly encounters I’ve had, including a near-death experience. This is what has fueled my writing, and what I hope helps deliver a plausible reading adventure to people in my new Ungilded Series.”

The Ghost in Her, Ungilded: Book One, releases January 3, 2023. Advanced reading copies are available on NetGalley. The book is available for pre-order on Amazon and other fine retailers.

ISBN Print: 978-1-958136-29-4

Print Book Price: $12.99


ISBN eBook: 978-1-958136-28-7

eBook Price: $3.49


ISBN Audio Book: 979-8-218-10429-0

Audio Book Price: $11.83


About Author Anika Savoy

Anika Savoy is an award-winning author and attorney who has always felt a supernatural pull. A healthy skeptic, she can’t deny her near-death experience and the shift it made in her life and writing. She attended McGill University and graduated with distinction in 1988 with a B.A. in English Literature. While at McGill, she won several creative writing contests. Thereafter, she wrote three historical romance novels. In 1998, Anika changed course and pursued her lifelong dream of becoming an attorney. She graduated from University of Cincinnati, College of Law with Dean’s Honors in 2001 and practiced law for almost 20 years. Now, Anika returns to her first love: writing historical romance. She endeavors to add paranormal elements that take readers into a fairy tale universe where ghosts and witches exist, and happy endings abound. The Ghost In Her is the first in Anika Savoy’s Ungilded Series. Explore more on Anika Savoy’s website.

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