Book Awards to Watch in 2023 and Beyond

There are many fantastic options for authors, publishers, and publicists when it comes to entering a book to be considered for an award. As the creators of The BookFest and The BookFest Awards, we get a lot of questions about entering them, best practices, how to find them, and suggestions on how to enter them. 

To make your research easier, check out the list of Book Awards curated for 2023 and beyond. 

Book Awards and How They Enhance the Careers of Authors 

There are numerous ways in which book awards can enhance your career as an author; below, we’ve listed the ones we consider to be most helpful. 

  • Media exposure. Winning a book award will be a major victory for you because of the media boost and publicity. Your audience and fellow authors will notice you, not to mention the appreciation you’ll receive from your family and friends. Apart from the compliments, the awards’ website usually announces its winners for all their readers to see. These readers may eventually become your audience. 
  • Traffic and stimulation of sales. Readers and bookstores will notice If your book cover has an award plaque or sticker. This will increase traffic and sales. Additionally, readers will be interested in your previous writing endeavors and want to learn more about them, which can increase back-list sales. 
  • Book awards prompt reviews. Winning a book award gives you exposure, and the more exposure you get, the more interested prospective readers will be in reviewing your work. Similarly, as you receive more reviews, other book awards may begin to notice your work. 
  • Be distinguished as a worthy author or writer. Being recognized for your craft as a writer is extremely significant.   You most likely spent years perfecting your manuscript, and receiving recognition is a wonderful feeling. 

Entering or having won a book contest can help you get a lot of publicity and establish a name for yourself in the publishing world. Here is a comprehensive list to help you sort through the numerous options for book contests that you will have this year as you prepare to submit your work for book awards. 

Book Awards List 

2023 Alice Amsden Book Award  

Annual Book Award Contest  

Autumn House Fiction Prize  

Awesome Book Awards  

Axiom Awards  

Bath Novel Award  

Benjamin Franklin Award 

Best Indies Book Award  

Big Book Award  

Colorado Independent Publishers Association  

Cookbook Awards  

Dragonfly Book Award  

Elit Book Awards  

Erick Hoffer Book Awards  

FAPA President’s Book Award  

Foreword Reviews Award  

Golden Book Awards  

Independent Press Award  

Independent Publisher Award  

Indie Book Award  

Indie Reader Discovery Awards  

International Book Award  

IPPY Awards  

Living Now Book Awards  

Mom Beam Award  

Moms Choice Award  

Monthly e-book Cover Design Awards  

NAIWE: Annual Book Award  

National Indie Excellence Awards  

Next Generation Indie Book Awards   

Nonfiction Book Awards  

Royal Dragon Fly Award  

Rubery Book Award  

Shelf Unbound Best Indie/Self-Published Book Competition  

SPR Book Awards  

The BookFest Awards  

The Independent Author Network: Book of the Year Awards  

The Mystery & Mayhem Awards ~ Cozy and Not-So-Cozy Mystery Novel Book Awards ~202

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