Break-Out Dark Fiction Author P. L. Hampton Releases “Shadowland”

Weaving history and horror with familial threads, a new voice in Black Literature has emerged from Running Wild’s RIZE Press.


Minneapolis, MN—Prepare to delve into the realms of terror and intrigue in the genre-blending book Shadowland. Authored by a break-out voice in horror, P. L. Hampton, this thought-provoking page turner is set to release on September 5, 2023, from Running Wild’s RIZE press.

When Aaron Langford receives a Yoruba Divination Board as a housewarming gift, he doesn’t know it will open the door to a supernatural realm, one that takes both his children, sending Aaron on a journey to find them in the Shadowland.

Hampton blends historical facts and fiction, inviting readers to ponder the origins of the Yoruba Divination Board, also known as a Talking Board, while immersing them in the Langford family’s journey. 

Having himself acquired such an artifact—and raised by a mother who sees spirits—Hampton delivers an authentic experience. “My novel not only incorporates African and Black themes into the story but also brings the dynamics of family and love. In the end, Shadowland is about a father’s love for his children and his family,” says Hampton.

In Shadowland, Hampton explores the rich past and present tapestry of African American culture, merging it with the macabre and the uncanny, all while paying homage to the resilience and depth of a society steeped in history.

Shadowland is available for pre-order in e-book and paperback formats from RIZE publishing on Amazon. You can also request an advance reading copy on NetGalley

ISBN Paperback: 978-1- 955062-80-0

Price: $19.99

About P.L. Hampton

P.L. Hampton, an emerging dark fiction author, draws readers into a world of ancient artifacts, family, and the hidden shadows of the past. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Hampton is a college professor and is pursuing his JD. He balances his academic pursuits with his passion for writing. Hampton spent nearly twelve years working in the finance industry, gaining experiences that shaped his rich, layered narratives. He resides in San Diego with his wife, Tonya, where he explores the fascinating intersection of history and horror. Discover more about P. L. Hampton’s unique storytelling on: LinkedIn.

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