Black Château Listed as Top Branding Agency by Design Rush

Black Chateau Top Branding Agency

Black Château is listed as a the top branding agency by the prestigious firm Design Rush. An online marketplace which is dedicated to helping businesses find and evaluate firms to hire for their online marketing and promotional needs, Design Rush is known as a name to trust. Every year Design Rush selects the top agencies to feature in its branding list for Top Branding Agencies. Black Château is honored to be listed as a top branding agency.

black chateau top branding agencyBranding is fundamental for Black Château. With a focus on personality brands, discovering the identity of an author or business is a process that starts with one-on-one branding sessions and often ends with the creation of award-winning brands. For example, Books That Make You won the prestigious Webby Award for its popular newsletter. The BookFest was honored with several recognitions including a Muse Creative Award and w3 Award.

Branding is often reflected in a website. As with this case study for a fun-loving filmmaker and creative, Black Château pulled aspects of the personality into the design and messaging. When it comes to public relations and booking media interviews, the branding messages are often turned into talking points for use during media interviews. They are also crafted into pitches for articles and social media posts. The look and feel of a brand’s identity is often reflected with various visual assets like logos and marketing materials. With a focus on integrated marketing, Black Château uses branding messages in a myriad of ways.

If you’re seeking help with the development of your brand, then let’s chat. Black Château works with authors, business leaders, literary firms, and more, and we would love to discuss your branding needs with you.

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