Clean Water Matters Now More than Ever, New Book Explains Why

Clean Water Matters Now More than Ever, New Book Explains Why

Clean Water for Developing Countries Is a Complete Guide for People and Organizations to Use in Developing Countries



Los Angeles, CA – With world population projected to reach 9.8 billion in 2050 and over one billion people currently without access to clean water, humans need to come up with sustainable ways to preserve and provide water. In his innovative book, Clean Water for Developing Countries, Dr. John A. Dracup gives a comprehensive guide on how to develop clean water.


According to Dr. John A. Dracup, we have the technology and knowledge to turn the most polluted water into clean water, all it takes is determination and funding. Cost, sustainability, cultural differences, and acceptance can prevent developing countries from accessing drinking water.


“The problem is that it is expensive and the developing countries do not have the funds, so they have to rely on non-governmental agencies, NGOs around the world who have the technology, know-how and want to help them. You also need them to show the data to break down the cultural barriers,” explains the author.


Drinking contaminated water causes millions of deaths each year worldwide. These deaths are easily avoidable. Water-born illnesses such as typhoid and cholera can be minimized once steps are taken to secure clean water for everyone.


Operations such as filtration, disinfection, safe storage, transport, pumps, sanitation, which are the stepping-stones of making clean water, are expertly outlined in the pages of the book.


Dr. Dracup taps into his 50-plus years of research and teaching in water resource engineering, hydrology, and clean water for developing countries and reviews all details of water from the source, quality, quantity, and community involvement. Clean Water for Developing Countries is an excellent supplement for educators as well as a guide for people, groups, and organizations interested in bringing clean water to the areas that need it most.


Clean Water for Developing Countries is available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and other major retailers.


Author John A. Dracup Ph.D


Price: $28.95 (USD)


ISBN: 9781734352405


Pages: 302


About The Author


John Dracup is a civil engineer and hydrologist. The author holds degrees in Civil Engineering, has researched and taught water resource engineering and hydrology at the University of California, Los Angeles and UC Berkeley for more than fifty years. He was involved with numerous clean water projects in Kenya, Peru, Honduras, and Guatemala between 2011 and 2017. He is also a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Geophysical Union.

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