Be a Part of the International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness is March 20, 2018. The purpose of the Global holiday is to reclaim and spread happiness. The International Day of Happiness pledge is: “I will try to create more happiness in the world around me”.
Take part in the movement and help create a happier world by focusing on relationships and activities that make you happiest and share your joy with #InternationalDayOfHappiness.

One of the oldest, and simplest pleasures in life is cracking open a new book and getting lost in the pages. If reading brings you happiness, spend time with a good book in honor of International Day of Happiness.  To spread our own happiness this month we recommend some of our favorite, newly-released books.


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Blue Bird

Magda Ayuk

Bring joy and peace to your inner self this International Day of Happiness by reading the collection of poetry by Magda Ayuk, Blue Bird.  Blue Bird challenges the social construct of race, gender, and societal norms. The poetry invites readers to be unapologetic and rebellious while defining their character. Author Ayuk hopes to inspire self-love through her body of work, as readers navigate the ups and downs of true love and soul. Take some time to reflect on yourself and find your true bliss with Blue Bird this International Day of Happiness. The book will be available April, pre-order yours now.





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Fenrir Chronicles: The Prince

Nanishka Torres

Love, in it all its forms, is the purest form of happiness. The Prince by Nanishka Torres is a LGBTQ-friendly book that dives into a fantasy-adventure-love story about two men as they overcome hurtles in the royal kingdom. The Prince explores how love can motivate and empower people against forces that wish to harm.  Spend your International Day of Happiness lost in the pages of The Prince and explore the true magnitude of pure love.





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Next Therapist Please

Laurie Finkelstien

Next Therapist Please by Laurie Finkelstien tells the story of one woman’s quest for health and happiness as she recalls each therapist who came into her life. Follow Janie Weiss while she deals with her varying mental illnesses; anxiety, depression and OCD. Next Therapist Please brings comic relief to the heavy subjects of mental illness by incorporating humor and romance. A great book to laugh along with while sipping a glass of wine and enjoying life this International Day of Happiness.





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XX v XY: The Final World War

Christina Cigala

If you are passionate about the current struggles women face and are intrigued by the future if society fails to change, XX v XY: The Final World War by by Cheaters creator Bobby Goldstein, authored by Christina Cigala, is sure to spark your interest. In this dystopian future, tension continues to boil as women and men gear up to the inevitable. Women must stand strong against the tyranny of a foolish president, or continue to face horrible body and mind-altering treatments. XX v XY is a must-read for our time, as we struggle to find harmony and happiness.  This International Happiness Day explore the power of coming together to overcome.




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Baker’s Dozen: A Lexi Fagan Mystery

Autumn Doerr

If you believe the spice of life is a cozy mystery novel, Baker’s Dozen by Autumn Doerr will bring you intrigue and suspense to enjoy this International Day of Happiness. Set in busy San Fransico, Lexi Fagan discovers her boyfriend dead in a devastating hotel fire. She is quickly caught up in the investigation and exposes shocking secretes about people she was once close to. The further she digs, the more she is in danger. The first novel of the series, Baker’s Dozen is a fun, urban cozy mystery novel sure to bring excitement this International Day of Happiness.




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Our Guardian Renegade

Harley Zed Mona

Nothing is more enjoyable to you than an action-packed superhero story. Our Guardian Renegade by Harley Zed Mona will bring a huge smile to your face this International Day of Happiness.  With several exciting characters, each brought to life with descriptive detail, Our Guardian Renegade challenges the reader’s imagination. The page turner is a fast-paced, cinematically-driven read that delves into themes of society, race, gender and sexuality. It is an enjoyable novel to honor International Happiness Day for those who are a superhero at heart.




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The Fifth Batallion

Michael Priv

Star gazing, wondering what lies beyond our little planet; are we alone? If contemplating the world’s place in the Universe is a pastime of yours, you will enjoy the exciting read of The Fifth Battalion by Michael Priv. In the futuristic sci-fi mystery-thriller, an alien empire has been using planet Earth as a prison for their irredeemable criminals. The prisoners are immortal but serve a “forever dead” sentence on earth. Their punishment is being unaware and believing they live only one life. Can Norman, a gunnery sergeant of an ancient failed invasion, outwit his memory loss and find his way to freedom? The Fifth Battalion is an interesting twist about life as we know it on our home planet. Challenge your perception of the Universe, Earth, and existence this International Day of Happiness with The Fifth Battalion.



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The Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured

Susanne Bellefeuille

If your idea of happiness is the love shared between you and your family, The Path of Lucas by Susanne Bellefeuille is the perfect read for International Day of Happiness. The biography explores the life of a small-town father and husband. When Lucas’s wife is diagnosed with a severe mental illness, he is faced with the pressure to save his family. With an ending that will move you, The Path of Lucas is a heartwarming story and an ideal read to bring happiness into your life.





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Mostly Human: a 4Pollack Novel

A unique fuse of a space, sci-fi, and mystery, Mostly Human: a 4Pollack Novel by Lon Varnadore is a gritty noir, old-timey mystery novel set on Mars.  Main character, detective 4Pollack, is the fourth clone of the original Pollack, a once great crime-solver. After losing his partner, he is dragged by an old flame into a dangerous game of mayhem and murder. Enjoy the thrill of a good unique futuristic crime novel this International Day of Happiness.

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