Why the Twitter Writing Community Might Make You Love It Again

Many authors from the Twitter writing community have spoken about their love/hate relationship with Twitter. We all know it can be a toxic place. There are trolls in every Twitter cave, and conspiracy theories abound. Everyone is canceled, then celebrated, then canceled again. We all know the pitfalls, and yet… 

Like any well-written fantasy, the virtual world landscape that is Twitter has some lovely places, too. One of those is the writing community. Of course, there are exceptions, but using the hashtag #writingcommunity and #writerscommunity can take you to a whole new world of support, friendship, and help with everything from marketing to writer’s block.

Find Your Twitter Writing Community  

Just looking up either hashtag can bring you to discussions and advice, but consider introducing yourself. Writing can be a lonely profession. Most of us don’t have offices to go to, and it’s very easy to become isolated. Our small writing groups can offer some support, but the hashtags make it really easy to become part of the larger, worldwide community. 

Got a story problem your group can’t help with? Crowdsource on Twitter! Dealing with a troll? The community will be there for you, with help and support. Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone with whatever your issue is can make you feel better. Someone has been through it before you, and it’s likely, they’re going to have tips to make it easier to deal with. 

Get Real Advice From Twitter Writing Community

You can find those tips we mentioned on websites and in articles, sure, but they’re usually just a few sentences. On Twitter, you can find people who’ve been through it and might have advice on your specific issue. Are you dealing with writer’s block? Someone in that vast community has dealt with it in a way that’s going to spark something. One author we know lies on the floor under her ceiling fan, which always breaks that stubborn blank mind. Another writes books while hiking. Maybe the advice out there will be what you really needed to hear. Perhaps it will pop up in your mind later, and you can go back and ask for more detail. 

Another thing that makes the Twitter community an excellent place to be in is the help it offers to navigate the business side of things. Most of us learn to write in school, but what happens after you’ve written that book? What’s a developmental editor, and do you need one? Are you ready for an agent? What happens if that agent isn’t working out? You’ll get real advice from real writers here, find other newbies if it’s your first time around the block, and you might even interact with some big names in the industry.

Build Your Network Within the Twitter Writing Community

It’s not just writers in the community, though. You’ll meet publicists, agents, spouses of writers, children of writers, and probably some new friends. When you’re ready to publish, or you’re about to release your ninth book, you’ll have a whole group of people who are likely going to help spread the word. 

Make sure you do the same. Supporting each other is really important. Plus, you never know who’s reading. Maybe your post grabbed the attention of an agent. Perhaps you’ll inspire a new writer yourself. Having a group that you can go to for support can sometimes make all the difference. 

When You Do Run into Those Trolls, Your #writingcommunity Can Help

The big fear in the Twitter world is trolls. They can be merciless. If you haven’t dealt with them yourself, you likely know someone who has. It’s essential to have a community to help you handle online harassment if it shows up in your life. They may report tweets for you or call out someone for being a jerk. More importantly, though, they can remind you of who you are and why you chose this career. Sometimes you just need someone to give you a kind word post-troll or tell you that your thoughts and work matter. Maybe your mom will call and tell you how great you are but hearing that you’re wonderful from someone who’s face you’ve never seen outside of an avatar picture might be the inspiration you need to keep going. 

Give it a shot. Go say hello. It’s a terrific place to meet a ton of new friends from a safe distance. Why not start with me? Let’s connect. Follow me at @Desiree_Duffy

Tweet away, writers! 

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