Why Smaller Is Better When It Comes to Book Marketing Agencies

Why Smaller Is Better When It Comes to Book Marketing Agencies
Why Smaller Is Better When It Comes to Book Marketing Agencies
This article is written by Desireé Duffy and first appeared on Equities.com.

As an author, book publisher, or business owner, do you need to hire an advertising, PR, or book marketing agency?

Here are the top reasons why, as a book marketer who has worked for both small and big companies, I believe smaller is better when it comes to finding creative, scrappy book marketing or advertising agency.


1. The Benefits of Technology and New Media

With the ever-changing digital landscape, having an agency who really gets digital marketing and online promotions is critical. Large agencies tend to have a more mature, tried-and-true approach. They go straight to their typical avenues like television, outdoor, radio and print. While at smaller agencies, interactive and creative approaches are typically more developed. If you want your book to be truly innovative, then smaller is better.Black Château uses advanced digital marketing and online advertising to propel authors and their books.

2. You Get More Seasoned and Experienced People Working on Your Account

Don’t be wooed by the flashy dog and pony show that big agencies sometimes put on. Led by sales people more than creatives, the large agencies often play all their big cards early in the game. By the time your campaign is being developed, it has been delegated down the line and less experienced employees are often managing your project. Web development companies are notorious for getting the least experienced developers to work on a site to save money. A small company, on the other hand, often is helmed by experienced professionals who are more hands on. They care more, they do more, and they get better results than a large, impersonal machine of an agency.

3. They are Scrappy and Fun

Small agencies tend to be run by people who had the moxie to step outside the norm. They are eager and hungry to build, create, and take a chance on new ideas. They also tend to have a more relaxed company culture and are agile in handling change. The small guys get things done. And if you don’t think that the big guys are outsourcing to smaller agencies, think again. Why not cut out the middle-guy and hire a team you can work with directly?

4. They Cost Less

Let’s face it, we all care about that bottom line. If you are “cutting out the middle-guy” by hiring a boutique agency, then you are also saving money as they don’t have as much overhead. An over-sized office, non-essential employees, and the burden of additional costs can all add up. Small agencies run leaner, and by cutting the fat, you save money, too.

While large agencies can deliver some of the most memorable campaigns and ads in history, and certainly work well with powerhouse brands like Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola and Disney, if you are in charge of a small to medium-sized company, consider finding an agency that is sized to match.

You don’t want your small account in a sea of larger accounts can easily get lost and underappreciated. Instead, find an agency that correlates to your values and can get the job done fast, efficiently, and economically.

Would you like an online advertising strategy for your book launch? Black Château can help. Let us know what we can do for you.

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