Untapping Psychic Abilities in 2019

Untapping Psychic Abilities in 2019

Michael Priv believes everyone has psychic abilities just waiting to be unleashed



Los Angeles, CA – You Are A Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook by author Michael Priv provides concrete and proven advice on how to become a true psychic. Priv challenges everyone to employ the teachings in his handbook to learn this ancient craft.

You Are A Psychic, The Healers Handbook is the first of its kind. It is a practical meditation guide containing exercises and drills that will hone psychic abilities.

Michael Priv believes that everyone has untapped psychic abilities. His hands-on guide helps one realize their extrasensory power. As improbable as it sounds, Priv claims there are only two major hurdles to overcome. First, you must be willing to blaze your own path. Second, you need to have an unshakable certainty and understanding of the world, which is rooted in keeping your nose squeaky clean and walking tall.

You Are Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook is the premier guide to energy healing. Priv shares his esoteric knowledge and proven techniques to open our deeper spirituality. His extensive experience in the area of psychic healing brings a high level of credibility to the book. This guide is the culmination of thirty years of research into the depths of many different religions, faiths, dangerous gangs, and spiritual groups. The secrets unlocked during this journey are compiled together in one place for the first time in history.

Priv wrote You Are a Psychic when he saw a lack of material available. “It took many years and a lot of work to develop my own psychic abilities and be able to save my own life twice now and successfully heal others. I made lots of mistakes, some very costly health-wise and time-wise. I kept thinking there was a textbook of some sort which I could study or do some drills, but no! I kept thinking there was a good and practical meditations guide, but no! I thought I could learn a whole lot from others on the internet, but no! I’ve had teachers but not a single one of them gave me the practical abilities that I was looking for or the theological answers to my questions (and make no mistake, theological questions and practical abilities are inextricably intertwined). It was a very bumpy ride for me. So, when I finally got somewhere, I decided to write things down to smooth the path for any others who want to follow.”

Achieve greatness in 2019. By following the path laid out in Priv’s handbook, anyone can become a healer this year.


You Are a Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook

Author: Michael Priv

ISBN-13: 978-1730839757

Pages: 210

Price: 9.95


About The Author:

Born in the Soviet Ukraine, Michael Priv arrived in the USA in 1979 and went on to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh to become a Construction Engineer. An Insurance Property Field Adjuster by day and a writer by night, Michael resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his family. Since 1987, Michael had been an avid student of Eastern religions.


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