Tears of Change, A Poetry Book Your Mother Will Love As a Mother’s Day Gift

tears of change book cover

Tears of Change, A Poetry Book Your Mother Would Love As a Mother’s Day Gift

Debbie Monteggia Portrays Human Emotions as an Opportunity for Personal Growth

Mesa, Arizona – With its heartfelt message and beautiful illustrations, Tears of Change by Debbie Monteggiatears of change book cover makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift and the kind of book that finds a permanent and cherished home on the coffee table. The poetry collection provides a roadmap for navigating inner and outer challenges and turning them into opportunities for personal growth.

Tears of Change is a collection of unique poems and quotes that take the reader on a cathartic journey through life’s everyday emotions— sorrow, acceptance, loss, renewal, pain, and joy. It emerged from the author’s own motherly tears of sadness and despair, and carried her through subsequent tears of joy, grace, and gratitude and, in the end, the finding of God’s love.

As a mother herself, many of Debbie’s poems are inspired by her children. “I must say, motherhood has and still is my truest and dearest passion in life.  Raising my children and watching them grow into beautiful young adults has been very rewarding. It remains the deepest treasure in my heart.  They have been wonderful teachers and many of my poem inspirations derived from them.”

Debbie hopes that some of her poetry will touch readers’ hearts and bring them to a place of appreciation and peace. While other poems may change the way the reader looks at the world. Most importantly, she hopes that her work will reveal to the reader the depth, diversity and power of emotions and help them understand how important it is to honor all emotions.

Debbie Monteggia is passionate about expressing her voice through poetry and hopes that that one or many of the poems included in Tears of Change will inspire readers to take a leap in expressing all their emotions, so they might reach a deeper place of love and gratitude within themselves.

“Praised as an spiritual, uplifting, and unforgettable poetry collection and a truly inspiring read by the readers, Tears of Change is available in digital, paperback, and hardcover on Amazon and other major online book retailers. A percentage of the book sales will go to a basic needs charity.”

Tears of Change: Poems, Reflections and Quotes for a Meaningful Life by Debbie Monteggia

Available in Hardcopy, paperback and e-book

Paperback ISBN: 978-1098011765

Paperback price: $12.95


About Debbie Monteggia:

Debbie Monteggia is an interior designer turned author. Diagnosed with acute anxiety, she turned her condition into an opportunity to live an authentic life, pursue her passion for writing, and inspire other people through her poems.

When she is not writing, Debbie enjoys bicycling, walking and playing pickle ball. She lives in Mesa, AZ with her husband and two dogs. You can discover more about her at TearsofChangePoetry.com.

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