Steven Joseph Strikes Back with “Snoodles in Space Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back!”

Steven Joseph Author Snoodles in Space Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back!

The third installment in the beloved “Snoodles” series, filled with humor, adventure, and valuable life lessons, releases August 1, 2024.


Hoboken, NJ – Steven Joseph, an award-winning children’s book author known for his humor and engaging storytelling, is set to release his latest book, “Snoodles in Space Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back!” This captivating addition to the beloved “Snoodles” series continues to captivate readers of all ages, blending whimsical adventures with profound life lessons. 

In “Snoodles in Space Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back!”, readers are taken on an imaginative journey, beautifully illustrated by Andy Case. The book continues the adventures of the Snoodles as they navigate the challenges of space, while imparting messages about love, growth, and the capacity for change. Joseph’s unique ability to address themes that resonate with both children and adults makes his latest work a must-read for readers from ages 5 to 99.  

The book offers valuable reminders and themes, such as the perils of “quick labeling” others, being good stewards of the planet, and the power of rising to challenges. Redemption arcs highlight the characters’ capacity for growth and improvement, while messages of hope encourage children to contribute positively to their world. 

“Creating ‘Snoodles in Space Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back!’ was like blending the whimsical with the profound, where every child can be a hero,” says Steven Joseph. 

From Enigami Publishing, this latest addition to the “Snoodles” series is available for pre-order on Amazon and advanced reading copies may be requested on NetGalley. 

Book Details 

  • Hardcover: ISBN 979-8-9876117-8-4, $21.99 
  • Paperback: ISBN 979-8-9876117-9-1, $14.99 
  • eBook: ISBN 979-8-9896772-0-7, $4.99 

About the Author 

Steven Joseph is a first-generation American, the son of a Holocaust survivor, a masterful attorney, seasoned negotiator, engaging speaker, award-winning author, and a long-distance runner who has completed 58 marathons, including five Boston and 19 New York City Marathons. Steven’s books include “The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris,” “The Crankatsuris Method: A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness,” and the “Snoodles” series, which includes “Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles” and “Snoodles in Space: A Snoodle, The Zoodle Kidoodles, and One Happy Schmoodle.” His latest book, “Snoodles in Space Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back!” delivers more of his signature wit and wisdom as he continues to explore and celebrate the cranky corners of life. For more information, visit Steven Joseph’s website. 

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