Raye Mitchell, The Genius Agency CEO, Expands Services

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Raye Mitchell, The Genius Agency CEO and Harvard Entertainment Lawyer, Expands Services with Launch of ‘Listen to Your Mouth: Oral Health Is Total Health’ Campaign for Dr. Kami Hoss at Hollywood Golden Globes Celebration


The Newly Formed HealthCareTainment™ division of The Genius Agency blends content development, intellectual property strategy, writing and publishing for healthcare professionals and their health and wellness branding in the entertainment sphere.




Los Angeles, CA – Raye Mitchell, CEO of The Genius Agency and Harvard Entertainment Lawyer, expands services with HealthCareTainment™, which is a division of The Genius Agency. The inaugural campaign called ‘Listen to Your Mouth: Oral Health Is Total Health’ for Dr. Kami Hoss, launched at a Hollywood Golden Globes celebration Friday, January 3 and Saturday, January 4, 2020 at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood, CA.


Raye Mitchell, also described as the Boss Girl CEO, conceptualized the newly formed HealthCareTainment™ division to give health and wellness professionals and brands the ability to blend content development, intellectual property strategy, writing and publishing in the entertainment world and beyond.


Mitchell says, “Whether publishing fiction or non-fiction works, leveraging their intellectual property assets and creating content for all platforms, we assist dentists, physicians, psychologists, and other healthcare and wellness professionals to expand their visibility and influence in healthcare as writers, speakers, and content creators for all forms of media.”


The Golden Globes campaign launch of ‘Listen to Your Mouth: Oral Health Is Total Health’ was designed by Mitchell and her creative team to bring Dr. Kami Hoss’s platform and his signature Super Dentists brand to the forefront with national, celebrity exposure. Combining strong brands and activating creative opportunities for clients to tell their health and wellness story to the world is the cornerstone of Mitchell’s mission. Mitchell and The Genius Agency in joint venture with Desireé Duffy of Black Château Enterprises have worked with Dr. Kami since 2018 to develop intellectual property strategies, PR and branding strategies and content as Dr. Hoss prepares to introduce his programs nationally in the Spring of 2020. A number of recommendations and even proposals for original content, a web series, and maybe streaming media series are on the table as plans are still in development.


Mitchell and Duffy, as the activation’s executive producers, led Dr. Kami’s debut at the star-studded event. Acting as brand ambassadors and activation publicists, Mitchell and Duffy facilitated thus freeing Dr. Kami to focus on presenting his new book and campaign to an array of Hollywood influencers, celebrities and media guests.


Mitchell introduced Dr. Kami Hoss and The Super Dentists to celebrities including: Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen and Mike Moh (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Ashley Greene (Bombshell), M. Emmet Walsh and K Callan (Knives Out), Trace Lysette (Hustlers), Tzi Ma (The Farewell), and Kathrine Narducci (The Irishman) among others. Mitchell also engaged in thoughtful conversations with prominent African American celebrity influencers including Viola Davis, the first black actress or actor to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting having won an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and two Tony Awards, as well as Anthony Anderson from the hit ABC series Black-ish, and many more.


When asked by the celebrities why she is working with Dr. Hoss, speaking throughout the two-day event, Mitchell said, “Dr. Hoss has an important message to get out to the public about the integration of oral health with total health. We are here creatively telling that story and will continue to do so by utilizing the written word, the publishing world, and even streaming media platforms.”


Mitchell, adds, “It is great working with a fellow USC alumnus on these important issues of oral health care and underserved communities and millennial parents. He is one of the most creative people changing how we engage oral health care as part of total health.”


Healthcare professionals, as well as celebrity influencers who seek to write, publish, or produce content for entertainment value and are in need of guidance are encouraged to contact Raye Mitchel at The Genius Agency.


About The Genius Agency

The Genius Agency focuses on helping creatives, and writers produce, protect, and tell their stories to the masses. Founded by Raye Mitchell, The Genius Agency is a full-service intellectual property and content strategy agency with principal offices in San Francisco Bay area, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Mitchell is an author, executive producer, and content development agent and consultant that assists professionals, CEO, entrepreneurs, develop content, write books, get published, and find deals in the publishing and entertainment sectors. www.TheGenius.agency.


About Black Chateau

Black Château is an award-winning marketing and public relations agency located in Southern California. It specializes in promoting authors, books, small press, personality brands, and creative individuals from around the world with a full spectrum of services. The company’s motto is: We believe in storytellers. Black Château’s sister company, Books That Make You, is a multi-media brand that promotes books through its website, radio show/podcast, and magazine features. For more, visit www.BlackChateauEnterprises.com.


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