Pitch Your Book In 30 Seconds Or Less

If this article caught your eye, more than likely you’re a self-published author.  Congratulations, you’ve accomplished something that many people dream of trying yet rarely do. Now, what’s next? You’ve spent months or maybe even years crafting your work and you want to get it out in the world, right? So how do you help people not only find, but make the decision to read your book?


The first thing to remember is that potential readers really do need your help.  They’re inundated with requests for their attention by TV, social media, friends and family, significant others and yes, a whole lot of publishers and self-published authors just like you. It’s not easy to convince them to even consider that your book is worth their time. When you do get the chance to sway a possible fan, you better be ready with a compelling reason they might look your way. That’s why today we’re going to discuss how to pitch your book for success in 30 seconds or less.


Who Do You Pitch?

Ok, lets start with whom you should be pitching in order to build the biggest audience possible. The authors who sell the most are the ones who reach out to podcasters, bloggers, retailers, event planners, reporters, radio talk show hosts and book reviewers. These influencers will help you sell more books faster than anything else you will try so let’s get it right.  If you are not represented then it’s a good idea to reach out to agents and managers as well, especially if you’re interested in traditional publishing. Now if this seems like a daunting task that’s because it is, but it’s also extremely rewarding when done correctly.


The thing that makes pitching so challenging is that most of the groups I mentioned, like to be approached in different ways. The fact is, they have their own agendas and audiences that they want to serve and they’re looking for those who will help them do just that. Therefore, a good pitch is mindful of and specific to the person you’re pitching.  For example, you will approach a blogger in a very different way than you’d approach a reporter. Why? Because they’re serving different audiences with different interests and expectations. The trick is to excite both influencers about your book. Trust me, it can be done.


Capture Their Attention In Seconds

Ultimately, you only have seconds to capture an influencer’s attention.  Some may be getting thousands of requests a week in their email, on their social media accounts, as voicemails or texts and even in person. (They don’t call it an elevator pitch for nothing). What on earth can you say or do to break through the pack?


  1. Keep It Short – A pitch should be between 5 – 10 lines if written in an email and less than 30 seconds if it’s on the phone or in person. The good news is that they will let you know quickly if they’re interested in hearing more, you won’t need to guess. Now, if you have not received an email requesting more information, consider a second or third contact. Just remember there’s a fine line between being persistent and being a pest. If it’s a phone pitch or in person, wait for a show of interest before you continue. What’s a show of interest? Any question about you or your book. Also, never and I mean never send a text as a first contact. It will be ignored at best and seen as invasive and rude at worst.


  1. Be Concise and Direct – As I said earlier, the influencers that you’re trying to reach have many demands on their time so get to the point. Use the person’s name, make it clear that you understand whom they are and what they do and explain why you’re book will be fascinating to their audience.


  1. What’s In It For Them – Ok, your book is of interest for their audience and that’s good, now let’s sweeten the deal. In the last line of your pitch let them know that you will, of course, promote their show on all of your social media platforms and website. This will especially work well for bloggers and podcasters who are always actively looking for ways to capture more eyes and ears.


A proper pitch can be a very effective way to sell books and hopefully create raving fans. Don’t take it lightly and don’t underestimate how challenging it can be. If you think you might like some consulting or you just want to put it into professional hands and focus on the creative side of being an author, please contact our team at Black Château Enterprises.


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