New Facebook Hacks – Love It or Hate It, the New Facebook Is Here

By now you’ve likely logged onto Facebook and noticed the changes. Announced back in 2019, the social media site’s F5 update is no longer an option. It’s here and we have to deal with it. It’s certainly confusing, looks a bit like Twitter and hasn’t exactly been well-received.

That said, there are a few cool features that authors and professionals in the writing community can use to our advantage. Before you rage-quit the site, take a look below and see how the new features of new Facebook can actually help your bookish business.

Dark Mode

One feature that’s been rolling out all over sites lately is dark mode. It gives your poor, blue light-weary eyes a rest. You might have changed to this mode on Twitter, and it’s likely that you never went back. To use it, click the downward arrow in the upper right corner of the screen and scroll down to dark mode. (It’s next to the notifications bell.) Extra bonus? Dark mode conserves your battery. If you don’t like it, switch back the same way.

Facebook Groups

Social distancing has made us all realize how much we need connection. You may have noticed that you’re seeing Facebook groups posts in your newsfeed more often. In terms of marketing your work, the new focus on groups is going to help you out a lot.

With the update, you can create brand partnership posts in your groups. As an admin of a group, you can now put up sponsored posts in partnership with, or for advertisers. This is particularly helpful if you’re selling your work and/or branded content on Facebook itself, or partnering with a publishing house or publicist. You don’t want to spam your customers and fans with these, but they’re certainly going to be a help.

You are still able to share content from your page to groups, and now sharing is even easier as you can scroll through a list rather than doing one share at a time. Unfortunately, though, you can’t tag your page or anyone in those shared posts, but hashtags do work fine.


Another new feature is Paid Online Events. With this feature, you can promote an event, get paid and host it all live, right on Facebook. Can’t do a live book signing? Do it here! Want to teach a writing class? You can have people attend from all over the world. You’ll have the ability to have a “purchase access” button on your invitation and list the price. Facebook isn’t getting a fee on this for the next year.

Messenger Rooms

If you’re looking to hang with friends or customers, you may have checked out Messenger Rooms. The new Facebook update will show rooms you’ve been invited to at the top of the chat tabs. You can now set up Rooms with a custom activity like a book chat. You can create them for a future date and customize your audience. You can now delete the room, edit it and invite more people to join one that you already have going. You can even use the Share Rooms option to remind that flaky friend to join.

You’ll have the ability to customize the background with your photos and mood lighting.

Final Facebook Tips

Your fans who are following your page can customize how often they want to be notified of posts, live content and more. Encourage your followers to keep them on if they want up to the minute notice of sales and new videos. It’s going to help you get around those mysterious algorithms. You can keep track of what works and what doesn’t through your analytics page.

Ad targeting is being reduced to get rid of redundancies. It’s worth looking at your ads to see which tags are available now.

If you love the 3-D photo feature, you’re in luck! You can now share them to your story as well.

Are you excited about the new Facebook update now? Remember, change can be a good thing and while a new look or experience can feel unnatural at first, we often adapt just fine if we give it time. Not to mention, there’s always Twitter if you get frustrated enough with Facebook. In the meantime, please follow Black Château on Facebook and we’ll make the most of it together.

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