New Children’s Book Author Releases 31 Books in Four Themed Series

New Children’s Book Author Releases 31 Books in Four Themed Series

Kelly Anne Manuel offers a book for each day of the month with messages about permission and encouragement. The books are designed to help children see the world in entertaining and inspiring ways.


Los Angeles, CA — Children’s book author Kelly Anne Manuel releases 31 books in one launch. There is a different book for each day of the month and the books are categorized in four series, each with a theme for young readers.

  • The Essentials Series – Positive self-talk books that kids can pick up anytime. Daily affirmations filled with positivity that encourage independence so children can face their fears and explore their world with the help of animals and the natural world.
  • The Rainbow’s End Series – Destination stories that aid in imaginary and play discourse. The gap between reality and pretend is bridged. Each book begins with “The other day I went to visit a friend…” and transports readers to a different place where anything is possible.
  • The Classics – Timeless books where all generations can find meaning. These many-layered stories have broad themes but focus on specific events and reality-based resilience topics. These books help kids navigate difficult situations.
  • My Name Is Series – Self and identity themed books that help children explore the duality of their internal and external nature. The importance of self-esteem and clear communication of the self are explored. These books give the child the opportunity to say: “This is who I am.”

Kelly Anne Manuel says, “I want the world to know that these books are important for children everywhere to have access to. The books are an extension of my mission and purpose on the planet to support children of all ages and stages as they navigate through unprecedented times.”

Each series has a signature book. The World Small: Essentials Series, The Boots Rain: Rainbow’s End Series, The Catcher Dream: Childhood Classics, and My Name Is Light: My Name Is Series. The books are published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, Inc.

“Children will always discover something new even after repeated reads. Parents and educators will be amazed at the stimulating discourse that results. My books will surprise, engage, and support children wherever they are at on their life journey,” Manuel says.

The World Small, The Boots Rain, The Catcher Dream, and My Name Is Light are available from Amazon and other retailers. The World Small and The Boots Rain are available on NetGalley. The Catcher Dream and My Name Is Light are coming soon. See Black Château’s NetGalley Profile for updates. 

The World Small ISBN
eBook: 979-8-7652320-8-8          
Price: $3.99
Print: 979-8-7652320-7-1
Price: $13.95       

The Boots Rain ISBN
eBook: 979-8-7652322-1-7          
Price: $3.99
Print: 979-8-7652322-0-0
Price: $13.95

The Catcher Dream ISBN
eBook: 979-8-7652321-9-4
Price: $3.99
Print: 979-8-7652321-8-7
Price: $12.95

My Name Is Light ISBN
eBook: 979-8-7652318-3-8
Price: $3.99
Print: 979-8-765238-2-1
Price: $10.95

About Kelly Anne Manuel

Kelly Anne Manuel is a children’s book author who released an astonishing 31 books – one for each day of the month – to give kids an array of positive messages. An eternal optimist who has been called “the good kind of contagious”, Manuel has a unique voice that children respond to because of her own actively vibrant inner child. Her books are available in four series: The Essentials Series, The Rainbow’s End Series, The Classics, and My Name Is Series. In addition to being a self-described “uncommon author” since she didn’t set out to write children’s books but happily took the path life intended for her, she is also a mother and an artist. Kelly Anne Manuel grew up on New York’s Long Island and earned a BA Degree in Telecommunications with a major in Marketing and minor in Spanish from Indiana University. Today she resides in Fort Mill, South Carolina with her beloved pup, Teddy Roosevelt. Click here to find out more about Kelly Anne Manuel and her books.


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