Author Athena Coleman Encourages People to Participate in Random Acts of Kindness

The memoir is filled with humor, triumph and thrills, and it also contains a message of hope from the author.


Memphis, TN – Author Athena Coleman honors National Be an Angel Day by encouraging people around the world to participate in random acts of kindness. Her memoir, He Uttered Soulmate, tells the story of one woman’s journey to stay on the path of God—even as she struggles with unrequited love from her soulmate. With each revelation along the way, author Anthea Coleman finds these interventions are crafted especially for her.

Coleman says, “Because my book is about the teachings of the Holy Spirit and guidance, I would like to encourage everyone to take a moment to help others on National Be an Angel Day. Now is the time to spread a message of encouragement. We are all angels who can help guide others.”

The timing for Coleman’s book is perfect. National Be an Angel Day is celebrated August 22nd. It is also back to school time, and it comes on the heels of the celestial event of the solar eclipse.

Her book, He Uttered Soulmate, is a memoir that is relevant today. It is a testimony and a love story with observations about life, TV, movies, the Bible and books that shape lives, all brought together by the author.

Coleman explains, “After noticing vast differences in my ex and a co-worker, I began to feel words and penned with fury a story in which my ex was served as the main course.  Alternatively, around the same time, I began to write my endearing thoughts and it morphed into this bouquet of words: He Uttered Soulmate.”

The genesis of the book came when the author woke up on Christmas morning in 2005, and though her eyes were open, she could not see anything. She was blind. She stayed in bed to make sure she was not dreaming. She then heard the Holy Spirit tell her, “Someone significant is going to die after Christmas.” She became scared and wondered if it would be her, her father, or her daughter. What happened next is what makes this book a must-read in our time.

To meet author Athena Coleman and purchase her book, He Uttered Soulmate, see her along with other authors at the BWABC Literary Association’s Premier Book Signing. The event also features Larry Dodson, lead singer of the Bar-Kays, and his new book. It takes place Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 11am to 3pp CDT at 6079 Winchester Rd., Memphis TN, 38115-4083. Click here to find more information.

He Uttered Soulmate

By Athena Coleman

ISBN: 9781489709394 (hardcover)

Price: $28.95

ISBN: 9781489709387 (paperback)

Price: $11.99

ISBN: 9781489709370 (ebook)

Price: $9.99

Pages: 120

He Uttered Soulmate is available from Amazon and other retailers.

About the Author:

Athena Coleman is from Memphis, Tennessee. There, she works as a medical language specialist transcribing health documentation while avoiding speech wrecks in a single bound, paying distinct attention to sound-alikes in the medical and English language. Many years ago, her early elementary teachers wrote home and said she was an angel, lavishing about how “sweet and such a joy, an angel, Athena was to have in their class.”  Befittingly, in 5th grade, she was picked to play the part of the Angel in a Christmas play who heralded the arrival of the Savior, Jesus Christ with the words, “Fear not, for Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy.” For more information, visit the author on Facebook and Goodreads. Visit the author’s website here.

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