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CO-CREATOR and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of QUANTUM LEAP TV SERIES Releases Vision Quest Books One and Two — Three, Four and Five Coming by June, 2017


Los Angeles, CA – Deborah M. Pratt, the co-creator and executive producer of the Quantum Leap television series, delivers a multi-Deborah-M-Pratt-Author-Vision-Questplatform franchise with The Vision Quest series. Books one and two, The Atlantian and The Academy, are available now in a special anniversary edition. The subsequent books, The Odyssey, Panazia and Salvation, are scheduled for release June 2017.

The Vision Quest books are a classic call to adventure tale, filled with action and romance, and contain a timeless coming of age story — not just for the three main heroes and sheroes, but also for a newly reborn planet Earth. The series’ message is, that if we are to survive as a species, we all must evolve into better versions of ourselves.

“The Vision Quest series is a masterwork primed to join the ranks of other visionaries in the field — Clark, Heinlein, and Roddenberry. Pratt proves herself a master storyteller.” – Levar Burton, from Star Trek, The Next Generation and host of Reading Rainbow

Pratt filled The Vision Quest with socio-political content, as well as technological, environmental and economic consequences. These books are about the spiritual and physical re-empowerment of humankind.

“We live in a critical time,” says Pratt. “My intention with The Vision Quest is to encourage people to find and manifest their highest calling by looking to our everyman/woman leads in the series. Our leads find themselves in an extraordinary situation, and in the midst of a war. On some level, these are concepts that most people identify with.”

The characters in The Vision Quest series struggle to deal with their emotions, both positive and negative, and must reluctantly confront a villain whose greed and vanity has cost him his greatest love. Our villain is driven to create technology he can’t control — a sentient, biologically-based robot army intent on humanity’s annihilation. When the machines decide humans shouldn’t exist, our story’s conflict begins.

Pratt has written in these books, that it is through our genetic memories — our collective knowings — that we each have biological and spiritual connections to the forces that guide and drive the Universe.

Pratt explains, “Ultimately, we are our only salvation. We will one day have the ability to let go of anger, greed, hatred and revenge, and co-exist in a state of love that becomes the true Vision Quest of all human kind. We must discover love first inside, and then as a unified species. The Vision Quest books postulate that only when we find inner peace can we create world peace, and unify in the grace of a collective consciousness.”

The Vision Quest series takes readers to a time in the future after:

The Earth was transformed by the Great Quakes, weather shifts, and eruptions that redefined the planet in the middle decades of the 21st century. Huge land mass shifts, submersion, and resurrections from the bottom of the sea redefined the world as we now know it, but humanity, in its genius to survive, has triumphed over the resulting destruction and chaos and created the Age of Light.

There are no more national governments. Instead, mega corporations have merged to form a unified planet ruled by the Triumvirate; Man, a Woman, and a Splicer. Peace reigns – for the moment.

With The Vision Quest, Pratt creates a new franchise, offering strong social commentary and spiritual inspiration expressed through expert storytelling, action and romance.
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“Science and technology are evolving faster than our morals,” says Pratt.  “We’re going to have to live in a future we create, so it is up to us to be responsible for it. Being responsible for our actions is the only way to avoid the probable catastrophe that will face us and our children. I hope The Vision Quest will help people set positive intentions for their lives and the world we live in, as well as give them some tools to manifest a better reality.”

In addition to the release of the anniversary editions of The Vision Quest book series, Pratt Enterprises Inc. is in pre-production with a web series called Warrior One VQ. Pratt will also shoot a VR/360, mobile companion version which places the viewer in her world. She is in discussions with a major studio to launch this unique multi-platform spinoff web and mobile series. The web series as well as the book series are also designed to be adapted into a feature length, live-action film.

Find more information about The Vision Quest book series, the media franchise, and Deborah M. Pratt on her website:, and on the website for The Vision Quest at:

Deborah M. Pratt’s Hollywood career began by singing with  Dean Martin, Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and Sammy Davis, Jr. As the co-creator, co-executive producer, head writer, and the voice of “Ziggy” on the television series Quantum Leap, she is a force in Hollywood as well as in the realms of science fiction, fantasy, mystery and spirituality. She is currently part of the Fox Filmmakers Lab, a mentoring program designed by Fox and the American Film Institute to increase the number of female directors working in the industry to helm big budget film franchises. The Vision Quest series is her opus, and its timeless message of hope, bravery, and redemption are more poignant today than ever before.

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