Dr. Jay Morris to Share Inspirational Journey on DayStar Television and Beyond

Dr. Jay Morris, DayStar Television, “Ministry Now”, “Joni Table Talk”, Masterpiece – Our Journey to Spiritual Transformation

Author and speaker Dr. Jay Morris to join DayStar Television’s “Ministry Now” and “Joni Table Talk” on July 22nd among other upcoming engagements on book tour.


Dallas, TX – Renowned speaker and author Dr. Jay Morris shares his inspiring journey when he appears on DayStar Television’s “Ministry Now” program and “Joni Table Talk” on July 22nd. Morris will discuss his transformative journey and his debut book, “Masterpiece – Our Journey to Spiritual Transformation,” which captures his path from a disadvantaged past to a life dedicated to helping others achieve spiritual enlightenment. 

As a young man, Jay Morris’s life took a dramatic turn when he accidentally pulled the trigger of a loaded gun at an innocent girl—and nothing happened. This event was a catalyst for a series of spiritual awakenings that transformed his life. Morris now dedicates his life to helping others discover their potential, emphasizing that everyone is a masterpiece. 


Dr. Jay Morris’s upcoming engagements include: 

  • July 22nd: Appearing on DayStar Television’s “Ministry Now” program and “Joni Table Talk”. 
  • September 8th: Interview by the Senior Pastor at New Life Church in Canton, Georgia. 
  • September 12th: Speaking at the Renew Conference for Women in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Dr. Jay Morris says, “I am incredibly excited to share my journey and insights on DayStar Television. My goal is to raise others as far as I can help them to rise, and I believe that by sharing my story, I can inspire others to recognize the masterpiece within themselves. The opportunity to speak on both ‘Ministry Now’ and ‘Joni Table Talk’ is a tremendous honor, and I look forward to connecting with viewers and encouraging them to embark on their own journeys of spiritual and personal transformation.” 

Morris’s debut book, “Masterpiece – Our Journey to Spiritual Transformation,” merges his extensive corporate leadership experience with his spiritual insights, offering readers a unique guide to personal and spiritual growth. With over 35 years of professional experience, Dr. Jay Morris has mentored leaders and professionals, impacting Fortune 500 companies such as Allstate Insurance Company, Ernst & Young LLP, Merck Pharmaceutical, and Yale New Haven Health. 

“Masterpiece – Our Journey to Spiritual Transformation” is published by Credo House Publishers. The book can be found on Amazon and is also available from other retailers. 

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-62586-252-5 

Paperback Price: $16.99 


Kindle Price: $8.49 

For more information about DayStar Television and Dr. Jay Morris’s appearances, visit the DayStar website. 

About Dr. Jay Morris: Dr. Jay Morris is an author, speaker, and mentor with over three decades of experience in corporate leadership. His debut book, “Masterpiece – Our Journey to Spiritual Transformation,” combines his professional insights with his spiritual journey to offer a unique perspective on personal growth and leadership. Dr. Jay Morris’s approach is deeply rooted in trust and alignment within organizations, ensuring that leadership principles are effectively implemented to foster professional success enhanced by spiritual well-being. For more about Dr. Jay Morris’s transformative insights and experiences, visit his official website. 

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