Bloggers Will Judge Your Book By Its Cover-What You Need to Do to Create Great Book Cover Art

Book cover art is like any other art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even so, some book covers are better than others.

Everyone knows readers judge books by their covers, but book bloggers do this especially. A book blogger looks for covers that can be easily meshed with other props, flowers, lights, etc. Since their goal is to post eye catching photos of books, they look for covers that translate well to photography.


Have a Clear and Readable Title.

For example in this book blog for Path of Lucas, the title can be read even though the photo was taken rather far away.  A title that is large and the focal point of your cover will encourage viewers to read the title and take an interest in the book. If the reader cannot locate or read the title they will dismiss the book. Bloggers know that the title is key in their photos, so they look for books with a prominent title that will display well for their posts and photos.

Avoid a “busy” cover, simplicity is usually best.

Like in this book blog showcasing Fragrance of Angels. A simple design helps book bloggers incorporate the book into any surroundings. The more creative freedom the book blogger has with a book the more likely they will post multiple photos. Book bloggers look for books they can have fun taking pictures of, a simple design is like a blank canvas and helps them be most creative and have unique photos.

The Best Color Scheme is usually neutral colors with a bold pop.

Like in this book blog Instagram post for Red Witch. The book blogger took the pop of red from the book cover and created a unique scene. The book blogger was able to have fun with this cover, she used multiple different props and even used bakery! The most interesting book blog photographs are the ones where you can tell the photographer had fun setting the scene.

Avoid a cover that’s too wordy.

Making sure the title is the main focus and the book isn’t cluttered with words helps give the book a unified and symmetrical feel. In Los Feliz Confidential, the title and author are the only words needed on the cover art, and although the background is bold, the clean title balances the cover art out.

Have authentic and Original art work.

Take The Vision Quest Series for example. The author created her logo for her cover art, and by using it with every book, the series has a very distinct and unified appeal. Each book has a color scheme, but all the colors work together because of the main focus, the original logo.


Creating your cover art is the time for you to express the visual representation of your book by using your unique vision. Have fun with your cover art, but keep in mind your audience and try to incorporate ways to make sure your book intrigues and captivates onlookers. If you need help with your book’s cover art, Black Chateau is here to guide and give expertise.


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