Black Château Teams Up with WriterCon in Oklahoma City

Black Château Teams Up with WriterCon in Oklahoma City 

Award-Winning Marketing and Public Relations Firm Expands Reach  to Connect with Authors and the Writing Community 


Oklahoma City, OK – Black Château Enterprises, the award-winning marketing and public relations firm that specializes in promoting authors and their books, will be at WriterCon in the historic Skirvin Hilton, downtown Oklahoma City. WriterCon takes place from Friday, September 3, 2021 to Monday, September 6, 2021.

WriterCon, an annual conference held since 2006, is designed to make it easier for the next generation of writers to achieve their dreams. Writers create community through networking, sharing tips, and having fun. 

The director and founder of WriterCon, and author of over fifty books including the Daniel Pike legal thriller series, William Bernhardt, says, “We welcome Black Château to the 2021 WriterCon and are excited to have them join our fantastic lineup of supporters and sponsors.  

WriterCon is all about making connections, and we are thrilled to have connected with Black Château.” 

Black Château believes in supporting authors and guiding them on their author journey. They expand their reach in teaming up with WriterCon in the heart of the United States to reach more authors.  

At the conference, Black Château founder Desireé Duffy will present a Solo Spotlight titled: Breaking Down Your Book Marketing with Black Château and discuss the key marketing and promotions that authors need most. 

Additionally, Black Château will have a table where authors can learn more about book marketing and public relations. As well, there will be information about the Webby Award-nominated The BookFest® which is created by Black Château, and about Books That Make You, the booklover’s brand that reaches readers through its website, social media platforms, and the Books That Make You Show. 

Desireé Duffy, Founder of Black Château, Books That Make You, and The BookFest says, “Partnering with the team at WriterCon is a great way to help further our mission. Simply stated, we believe in storytellers and the power of the written word to spread ideas and make a positive impact in our world. William Bernhardt and his organization do an excellent job helping authors achieve their writing goals and we are happy to partner with them in 2021 and beyond.” 

For more information about WriterCon, a complete programming schedule, and ticket information, visit the conference website. 

For information about Black Château and their services, visit their website. Also, find out more about The BookFest and Books That Make You on their respective sites. 

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