Beach Bound Book Bash 2017

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The Beach Bound Book Bash gave people the chance to stock up on their summer reading list. The event, held in Sherman Oaks, California, brought together a diverse array of authors. Each did a reading for the crowd. Authors also signed books and donated signed items to a raffle with the proceeds donated to the families of the Manchester tragedy.

Authors in attendance included:

Maria Alexander
Maria Alexander and Award-Winning YA Novel Snowed

Maria Alexander is a produced screenwriter, games writer, virtual world designer, award-winning copywriter, interactive theatre designer, prolific fiction writer and poet. Her debut novel, Mr. Wicker, won the 2014 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel, and her YA novel Snowed, earned her second Bram Stoker at this year’s awards.






Martha  Brookhart Halda
Martha Brookhart Halda talks about The Fragrance of Angels

She died three times and came back to tell the world about the Fragrance of Angels. Martha Brookhart Halda’s memoir about time on the other side—and how and why she reshaped and developed a new purpose in life after it became more fraught with challenge after visiting heaven.






Robert Yehling
Robert Yehling, voices, summer of love, rock and roll memori, books about music
Robert Yehling Reads from Voices

What better book for your summer reading list than one set during San Francisco’s epochal Summer of Love? Voices is a new release by Robert Yehling. He also authored The Champion’s Way, When We Were The Boys, and Writes of Life, which won the Independent Publisher Book Award, and Just Add Water, nominated for the Dolly Gray Literature Award. He is the former editor of American Idol Magazine and he edits publications for the Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards.





Sean Patrick Traver
Sean Patrick Traver, author, graves end, day of the dead books
Sean Patrick Traver with his Book Display

A true SoCal author, Sean Patrick Traver’s writing explores the hidden worlds that lurk behind the sleek facade LA presents to the casual observer. Books include: Graves End—A Magical Thriller; Ink: A Novella; Bloody Mary: A Novella. His next book which is a follow up to Graves End will be released very soon.






Robert Payne Cabeen
cold cuts, author, screenwriter
Robert Payne Cabeen reading a teaser from Cold Cuts

Robert Payne Cabeen is a screenwriter, artist, purveyor of narrative horror poetry, and now a novelist, with his debut novel, Cold Cuts, from Omnium Gatherum. His screenwriting credits include Heavy Metal 2000, for Columbia TriStar, Sony Pictures, A Monkey’s Tale, and Walking with Buddha. Cabeen’s illustrated book, FEARWORMS: Selected Poems, was a 2015 Bram Stoker Award nominee.





Jay Wertz
Jay Wertz, world war 2, war books, military books
Jay Wertz with his books

Jay Wertz is the author of six books including two award-winning volumes in the War Stories: World War II Firsthand series. He also is the author of The Civil War Experience and the coauthor of Smithsonian’s Great Battles and Battlefields of the Civil War. He wrote and directed the television series on which the latter book is based. His upcoming book is called The World Turns to War.





Deborah M. Pratt
Deborah M. Pratt, Vision Quest, Sci Fi Book Series
Deborah M. Pratt with the Vision Quest Book Series

Deborah M. Pratt, the co-creator and executive producer of the Quantum Leap television series, delivers her opus with The Vision Quest series. Books one, two, and three; The Atlantian, The Academy, and The Odyssey, are available now in a special anniversary edition. The fourth and fifth books are coming soon. She is a force in Hollywood and is currently part of the Fox Filmmakers Lab, a mentoring program designed by Fox and the American Film Institute to increase the number of female directors working in the industry to helm big budget film franchises.





John Palisano
John Palisano, author reading, poetry
John Palisano reading Meet the Beetles poetry

John Palisano’s short fiction has appeared in many places. Like: Dark Discoveries, Horror Library, Darkness On The Edge, Lovecraft eZine, Phobophobia, and many other publications. NERVES was his first novel. His latest book is All That Withers features Happy Joe’s Rest Stop, the 2016 Bram Stoker Award-winner for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction.





Jason Primrose
Andromeda Project, Jason Primrose
Jason Primrose reads from The Andromeda Project

The Andromeda Project is the first book in The Cluster Chronicles series by Jason Primrose. The book features stunning art, a gripping story, and characters you’ll love and hate. It is amazing to know the series was born out of the mind of a seven year-old boy. This debut novel is capturing imaginations everywhere.






Kate Jonez
Kate Jonez, publisher, author reading
Kate Jonez reading during the Beach Bound Book Bash

She is a dark fantasy and horror author, and the chief editor at Omnium Gatherum. Twice, Kate Jonez has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award and once for the Shirley Jackson. Her short fiction has appeared, or is forthcoming in, The Best Horror of the Year Vol. 8, Black Static, Pseudopod and many anthologies.







Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson, beach bound book bash
Mike Robinson reads during the Beach Bound Book Bash

He is a master of speculative fiction and just a few of his books include Skunk Ape Semester, The Green Eyed Monster, Dream Shores, The Atheist: A Novel, The Prince of Earth, and the Twilight Falls Series. Mike Robinson’s work has appeared in a dozen magazines, anthologies and podcasts. In 2006, he was one of five guys comprising GLAWS, the Greater L.A. Writers Society, which has since become the second largest writers’ group in Southern California.





Eric Noel Munoz
Eric Noel Munoz, caulerpa conquest, killer seaweed, algae
Eric Noel Munoz talks about invasive algae species

What would happen if killer seaweed invaded the California Coast? Eric Noel Muñoz, author of Caulerpa Conquest, knows. Caulerpa Conquest: A Biological Eradication on the California Coast is the true story of the 2000 to 2006 precedent-setting local eradication effort inspired by missed opportunities and lessons learned from the Mediterranean Sea. Eric Noel Muñoz connects the dots from local lagoon waters to foreign coastlines to prevent the killer algae invasion.





Vanta M. Black
Vanta M. Black, Oubliette, best horror book
Vanta M. Black reads from Oubliette

She is the author of Oubliette—A Forgotten Little Place, which is the Runner-Up in the General Fiction category for the Amsterdam Book Awards, and received an Honorable Mention for the Paris Book Awards—both being held in Paris June 2017. Oubliette was also the Grand Prize winner of the Halloween Book Fest and the winner of the Best Fiction for the Southern California Book Awards in 2016.





Phil Giangrande
phil giangrande, seated at the writers table
Phil Giangrande is the MC for the Beach Bound Book Bash 2017

The evening was MC’ed by Phil Giangrande, host of Seated at the Writer’s Table. The show features conversations with the industry’s most talented and creative writers and storytellers. It is available as a podcast and downloadable from iTunes.







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