Acclaimed Author J.M. Kelly Releases the Digital Version of the Second Book in the Bobby Holmes Series on November 15

A Story of Rescue and Survival, Monster on the Moors Will Keep the Ya Readers on the Edge of Their Seats




Los Angeles, California:

J.M. Kelly, the acclaimed author of the YA thriller, “The Lost Treasure,” releases the digital version of the second book in the Bobby Holmes series on November 15. Monster On The Moors: A Bobby Holmes Thriller is a pulse-pounding horror thriller that takes place in the eerie North York Moors of England.


Clairvoyant Bobby Holmes, his cousin Brenda Watson, and their friends, wise guy Stevie and Michael, who is challenged by Asperger Syndrome, are drawn into a deadly mystery. They are confronted by an ancient wolf beast controlled by evil witches of British lore.


When one of their friends is captured, they must rely on a librarian who is much more than he seems, mystical gifts from a Gypsy King, a mysterious stranger at the center of it all, and their own wits in a desperate race to save their friend and come out alive.


With a career in education of over 35 years, Mr. J.M. Kelly’s mission as an author of YA fiction is to write great stories that will entertain his young readers and also empower them to discover the hero within themselves; a hero that is brave and kind and has unique gifts and talents.


The books in Bobby Holmes series keep the young readers on the edge of their seats while building their self-confidence by reminding them they are stronger, more forgiving, and resourceful than adults often give them credit. The novels also empower kids to embrace their talents and abilities.


Through compelling characters and unexpected plot twists, the books also teach the kids the value of friendship, loyalty, and faith, as well as getting to know someone before you judge them.


Monster On The Moors is available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon and all other major retailers and bookstores.

Price: $21.95

Pages: 280

ISBN: 978-1935722984


About the author: J.M. Kelly is an author of fiction and non-fiction books. He has been a middle school teacher, a vice-principal, a principal, a Co-Director of the New Jersey State History Fair, a consultant for the New Jersey Foundation for Educational Administration, a current Board member of the Global Learning Project (a non-profit) and Past-President of the Morris County Association of Elementary and Middle School Administrators. His love of mysteries, adventures, and everything about Sherlock Holmes helped in the creation of the YA thriller “Bobby Holmes” book series.

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