5 Facebook Tips for Authors

On top of the recent data scandals scaring potential readers away from Facebook, your page numbers haven’t increased in months. It leaves many authors wondering: Is Facebook even worth it anymore? Are paid ads the only way for exposure?

Marketing your book on any social network can appear intimating, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But on a platform as familiar to the world as Facebook, not promoting your work there means missing out on millions of readers.

Check out our five facebook tips for authors to help you connect with the platform:

Create an interactive page

Is your page focused on your readers or your reputation? While it’s crucial that readers know who you are so that they can follow all your books, make sure what you are posting is primarily about your work. Offer snippets, updates on your work in progress, and even collaborate with other authors. Sprinkle personal posts where appropriate; an award ceremony, a big birthday, or celebrating a friend’s book launch.

And with Facebook, you can engage with your audience through polls or quick questions. You can post images from events, or screencaps of your latest chapter. Some authors in the YA genre even post images that describe their work in progress.

You can even promote offers for your readers, such as coupons or bundle deals. There are various ways to utilize your page, and these are just our favorite!

Groups are where it’s at

Before we get into it, we have to caution you:

Don’t spam!

Groups are a free place to grow and communicate with readers across the globe, but you need to be genuine and don’t over advertise. Unless you join a group, whose sole purpose is self-promotion, you need to interact and make friends like a human being. Posting only your work work is seen as bad manners, and can get you banned.

Go on Facebook search, type in your genre, and get started looking at groups. You’ll make new friends and learn tips from colleagues, all while increasing your social presence.

And of course, if you really have something of value to share, groups are usually very receptive and can provide feedback.

In fact, create your own group

If you find that no group is offering the kind of engagement you need as a writer and reader, create one! It’s a free way to meet people, and you decide the rules. You could even offer special discounts, prizes, video readings of your work and more.

In fact, groups are a significant way to build organic growth for your page, and get people reading your books.

Ask for reviews

If you are self-published, you may have more freedom than others to design your ebook. Why not direct readers to leave a review on your Facebook page? This builds positive feedback and recognition, meaning that new potential readers who discover your page will be more interested in buying your book.

Reviews are a powerful tool, and having them on Facebook is just another way to prove how amazing your books are.

Facebook Live

Did you know that 80% of social users prefer watching a live video to reading blog articles?

Build your brand by offering Facebook Live book readings or answering questions. You can even share your screen and have a live writing session.

Facebook Live is the perfect way to interact with your readers in real time, don’t be afraid to try it.

Do you have Facebook Tips for Authors?

It’s true, Facebook isn’t as social as it used to be. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t numerous creative ways to be found on social media. Despite the data controversies, Facebook is still an essential tool in an author’s marketing arsenal.

If you liked our suggestions – or have an even juicer tip – why not drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram? We’d love to hear from you!