​So, You Think You Can Write a Book? Here’s Why Maybe You Should…

By Desireé Duffy
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Are you at the level in your career where writing a book makes sense? Executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and experts in their field all eventually reach the point where writing a book is a logical next step. Often referred to as calling card books, the intention is usually to establish the author’s credibility on a topic. Writing this type of book can elevate your personal brand and solidify your position as an authority.

You may also want to write a book that educates or inspires others. Your topic could be something you’re passionate about, or perhaps you have a message you feel compelled to share with the world. Your book doesn’t even need to be nonfiction. It could be a fictional allegory, or even a memoir, about your life.

So, are you ready to write and release the book that’s trapped inside you? First, let’s analyze the reasons you want to write your book, and decide which ones are your true motivation:

1. You want to write a calling card book to build credibility for your personal brand.

A calling card book is often a way to not only establish your credibility, but it can define your brand. What is it you want to be known for the most? By answering that question, you may have the genesis for your book.

2. You want a book that helps establish you as an expert in your field.

Piggybacking with building your credibility, a book can also establish your expertise. If you have a business philosophy, a strategy, or a methodology, your book can offer a clear view into how you do what you do. This can help you procure new clients, or even help land your next executive job.

3. You need a calling card book that serves as a lead magnet to sell your services such as consulting, coaching, or workshops.

Books are excellent lead magnets that can be integrated into your sales funnel. Those who read your book are likely to become part of your ecosystem where you can offer them consulting services, training programs, online workshops, or even live events. Whatever your ultimate sales goals, there are many ways you can use your book as a tool to stimulate business development for your company.

4. You’d like to get media opportunities like interviews and news articles.

Being an author makes you an ideal client for media pitching. One of the services my company offers is securing interviews and articles for personality brands, and I know firsthand that having a book in our PR arsenal when pitching is very powerful. A book can open the door to getting media attention, which can lead to success on multiple levels for your personal brand as well as your company.

5. You want to secure speaking engagements such as keynotes and panels.

If enhancing your exposure on the speaking circuit is your goal, a book can help. Speakers with books are generally considered a greater authority on topics, and a book often helps pull in higher speaking fees. You may even want to give your book away at speaking events to further engage with those who might fit into your sales funnel.

6. You want to share something important with the world — revealing your knowledge and expertise for the greater good.

Many CEOs and business leaders come to me with a burning desire to spread a message to the world. That message ranges from the spiritual to humorous. Once you make a significant amount of money, your book may be a way for you to give back. It could be a conduit to spreading your philosophies or even a way to raise funds for a cause near to your heart.

7. You simply must tell your story, your journey, and share your experience to inspire others.

If you have an amazing story, it might help inspire and motivate others. Perhaps you have a must-tell rags to riches story, or one of conquering insurmountable odds to achieve your dream? If your story is stirring, you may have no choice but to share it as a memoir, or even write it as fiction and base it on your real experiences.

Now that you have the reason for writing and releasing your book, you need to determine if you’re truly ready. Don’t be so quick to say yes, as there’s a lot to consider before you embark on your journey as an author. Are You Really Ready to Release the Book Trapped Inside You?

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