Book Trailer

Book Trailer

A book trailer, similar to a movie trailer, promotes your new release and generates interest using one of the most popular online mediums—video. The trailer can be used as content on your website, your YouTube page, on social media, sent out to press and media people, book reviewers, and used in online advertising campaigns.

Black Château offers video production that sets your book apart from the rest. A storyboard based on your vision will outline the trailer, and a combination of imagery, video clips and possibly voice over or excerpt from the author, will be used to produce a high-quality book trailer.

  • Storyboard
  • Music (with appropriate license for use included)
  • Voice over
  • Script writing
  • Typography
  • Video clips
  • Images
  • CTA
  • Up to two revisions in post (editing)

Standard: one to two minute video 13 units

Premium: two to three minutes video 18 units